Build your NAS at home with the WD Red Pro 6TB drive on sale for $160

Wd Red Pro Drive
Wd Red Pro Drive

Newegg's Shell Shocker deals get replaced regularly and feature new discounts every day. One of today's great ways to save at Newegg includes the WD Red Pro 6TB hard drive for a low price of $159.99 when you use the code SSBR2932 during checkout. The code takes $50 off its price and brings it down to one of the lowest prices we've ever seen. This deal matches its all-time low, a price it has only hit during big sales events like Prime Day or Black Friday. Usually the 6TB version doesn't drop in price at all. In fact, the current $210 price that's available here and at other retailers is a jump from what it normally goes for. That makes today's deal even better because it won't last forever.

If you really want to go whole hog on these Red Pro hard drives, you can also save on the 12TB version at Newegg. Use the code SSBR2926 to bring it down to just $239.99 total during checkout. This drive is twice the capacity of the one above but only about $30 over its regular street price with today's deal. That's not bad at all.

WD Red Pro 6TB hard drive | $50 off

WD Red Pro 6TB hard drive | $50 off

Use the code SSBR2932 to drop the price down to one of the best we've ever seen. The Red Pro is the most advanced in WD's lineup of durable Red hard drives, and it's great for advanced NAS users.

The Red Pro is one of our favorite hard drives if you're trying to properly build a network-attached storage device. The Pro version of the Red line is the most advanced in the Western Digital lineup, too, so you know it's going to be fast and reliable over the long term.

If NAS is new to you, check out the best devices for a home media server and keep all of your photos, movies, and music in one easily accessible place on your home network. Pair multiple hard drives together and you can create a system where each drive backs up the other, ensuring your data is all very safe. Of course, doing it that way requires spending a lot of money on drives known to be a bit more expensive so being able to save some money is a huge bonus.

WD backs up the Red Pro with a five-year warranty.

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