Ask yourself what your PC needs... more cooling or more RGB? The answer is, obviously, both! You can never have enough of either. Grab three 120mm RGB fans with this Corsair iCue SP120 cabinet fan kit on sale for $54.99 at Amazon. This deal is actually a price match of the same deal at Best Buy, and that sale is part of Best Buy's deals of the day, so you know it won't last forever. This fan kit was selling for as much as $80 in April and has been selling for around $72 since then at Amazon. We did see these fans drop this low once before back in August, but that was also a one-day deal. Here's your second chance if you missed it the first time.

Corsair 120mm Fans

Corsair iCue SP120 RGB Pro 120mm fan kit | $25 off

Combine Corsair's iCue software with eight individual RGB LED lines to create some awesome RGB lighting effects that can sync with other iCue devices like your keyboard or mouse. Plus get speeds up to 1,400 RPM for ultimate cooling.

Building a PC in 2021 is not the easiest task, and there are definitely some hurdles. But if you're determined to continue, and you've got a great PC case, then you're going to need some great cooling. That's where Corsair's fans come in. Where can you fit a few more fans? The top? The front? There's got to be some room in there for a bit more whirling blades.

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These fans can generate an airflow volume of 52 cubic feet per minute and spin at up to 1,400 rotations per minute. That ensures great airflow with a hydraulic bearing design that means the fans will stay durable for a long time, too. They aren't even that noisy since they generate 26 decibels at the most.

And then there's the lighting. Corsair's fans have eight individually addressable RGB LEDs that line the fan hubs, and you can connect the compact lighting node core easily via USB 2.0 or SATA, which helps reduce cable clutter. Once connected, the lights can be controlled via Corsair's iCue software. Completely personalize the RGB lights, creating patterns and effects or even syncing the fan lights with lights on other Corsair products that work with iCue.

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