Cover your desk with Pecham's Extended Gaming Mouse Pad down to only $6 with this coupon

Looking to keep your game matches from being ruined by an accidental slip of the mouse or keyboard? Pecham's Extended Gaming Mouse Pad offers a good start and today you can pick one up for just $5.99 when you enter the promo code FPI74IUP during checkout. That'll save you 50% off the XXXL mouse pad's regular price for a limited time and drop it to its lowest price in over two years. It ships free with Amazon Prime or with orders over $25.

Pecham Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

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This extra large mouse pad measures close to 31 inches long, giving you enough space to place your keyboard on it too. Using the code below will take half off and drop it to one of the best prices we've ever seen it reach.

This extra large mouse pad should maybe be called a desk pad instead, as it has enough space for your mouse, keyboard, and more at close to 31 inches long. Its ultra-smooth surface allows for precise control while gaming and it has an anti-slip rubber base to prevent it from sliding around while in use.

It's rugged, too, with stitched edges to keep it from fraying or peeling and a water-resistant surface to protect against any accidental spills. It's also machine-washable in case you do get food or drink on it or if you just want to give it a good clean every now and again.

At just $6, it's a low-risk purchase anyway, but over 1,500 customers at Amazon have reviewed this mouse pad resulting in a strong rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars collectively so you're likely to be a fan of it too. If it doesn't look quite right for you, though, check out our list of the best desk mouse pads of 2019 for our other top picks.

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