Amazon currently has a great deal on the 1TB version of the Xbox One. It is selling the console with five free games, plus a $50 Amazon gift card for its regular price of $399.

Xbox One

Here's the skinny: The 1TB Xbox One bundle already comes with three free games: physical disc copies of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Rare Replay, plus a code for a free digital download of Ori and the Blind Forest. Amazon throws in two more free games on top of that: a physical copy of the Limited Edition version of Halo 5 Guardians, plus a code to download a free digital version of Forza Horizon 2. Finally, Amazon adds a free $50 gift card from the retailer which can be used to buy nearly everything on the site.

This is definitely one of the better bundle deals we have seen for the Xbox One, but there's no word on how long it will last.

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