Fable III

The gaming and tech world-at-large has made a stink about how the Xbox One is moving to a more PC like approach. Specifically Steam has been cited as a model that the new Xbox One is moving towards. Of course Steam has been cut some slack because of how often they have deals on games. Well, it looks like Microsoft is even getting ready to follow that practice because right now you can download Fable III for free onto your Xbox 360.

Jonathan D. sent in this screenshot where he’s currently seeing Fable III for free through the Xbox Live. Currently I’m about to crash for the big Xbox media briefing tomorrow at E3, so I don’t have my Xbox 360 to check this myself. However I reached out to some friends online and they see it for free as well. Try it out yourself.

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Could it be a fluke? It's free on the Xbox but still shows the price of $19.99 on the Xbox.com website. Or is Microsoft ready to win over some positive press in light of their recent statements.  Up to you to decide, in the meantime go search for the game on your Xbox and start playing.

Oh and don't forget to tell us if you were able to get it for free! Whether it worked and your region/marketplace. And don't blame us if Microsoft bills you ;)

Thanks for the tip JD!