Touch Cover

Deals are how we’re able to afford so many Windows Phone devices. Saving money on apps, accessories and other gadgets is a great way to get the gear you want without ending up in the poor house. Microsoft is doing their part by offering a free Touch Cover with any Surface purchase for this week. Details on how to save $80 below.

Free Touch Cover

Head to the nearest Microsoft Store near you (or just use your browser and go to the website) to get a free Touch Cover. All you need to do is buy any Surface device they offer. That could be the original Surface, Surface 2 or any Surface Pro 2 model. Microsoft doesn’t bundle the keyboards with any Surface, so this is a great way to get an input method with your new Surface. However, it doesn't specify that this is the second-generation Touch Cover which is backlit.

If you were thinking of picking up a Surface this deal could definitely sweeten the deal. You have until Saturday to take advantage and save $80 on a Touch Cover.

Source: Microsoft Store

Thanks for the tip everyone! 

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