The video game industry is booming and ever-growing, especially with the rise of VR. Minecraft brought back voxel-style games in a BIG way, and that game is a great example of a space where players can create just about anything their heart desires. Wouldn't you like to get in on creating games like that? All you need to do is learn how, and Unity is the industry-leading software that can take you there. They don't always teach this stuff in school, which is where online courses, that you can take on your own time, become extremely valuable.

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Right now, through Windows Central Digital Offers, you can get lifetime access to 10 courses, taking you from the basics of multiplayer voxel-style games, like world-building, up to more complicated aspects, like inventory — all for only $19.50. Were you to purchase these courses individually or through other sources, you'd pay over $800. At Windows Central Digital Offers, you save 95%!

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You'll everything you need to know through the following courses:

  • Building 3D Voxel Art Environment Worlds with Unity 5
  • Unity 2016: Character Gear and Weapon Use
  • Unity 5: Multiplayer InGame Mail Messaging
  • Unity 5: Build a Chat System for Online Multiplayer Games
  • Unity 5: Interact with the Database Like a Pro with PHP & MySQL
  • Unity 5: Host Your Game Server Online like a Pro
  • Unity 5: Pro Multiplayer Combat Using Melee & Ranged Weapons
  • RPG Character Stats and Item Attributes System
  • Unity 5: Inventory System for Professional Games
  • Modular Assets 3D Graphic Pack

Learn to build awesome multiplayer games with Unity for $19.50!

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The world of video games is ever-expanding, and getting a start on your career in gaming or simply creating multiplayer games for fun is a great way to add to and leave your mark on that world. So learn the ins and outs of Unity (with which you can create just about any 2D or 3D game), and get your game on. Just don't spend over $800 (especially if this is just a hobby). Spend only $19.50 at Windows Central Digital Offers.