Don't miss the Razer Kishi for Xbox Cloud Gaming controller at 44% off

Razer Kishi Xbox Edition
Razer Kishi Xbox Edition (Image credit: Daniel Rubino | Windows Central)

We're tracking the best Xbox Black Friday deals, and there's already some great discounts starting to show off. If you don't have a Razer Kishi gaming controller yet, you're in luck. Best Buy is running a special Black Friday 2021 deal that you don't want to miss, seeing the Razer Kishi controller at 44% off its usual price, or $45 instead of the usual $80.

The Razer Kishi is easily one of the best controllers available for Android gaming, including Xbox Cloud Gaming. The controller can be adjusted to fit the size of your phone, so it's not restricted to a handful of the latest models. It's also extremely comfortable and simple to use, allowing players to simply carry their phone and play their games instead of having to use a clip or a separate controller.

Any Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, meaning users can stream hundreds of games directly to their phones, picking up where they left off from playing on their console or PC. While many titles now support touchscreen controls, not every game does, so a Razer Kishi makes playing all your games on the go easy.

Razer Kishi for Xbox Cloud Gaming at 44% off

Razer Kishi for Android

Razer Kishi for Android

The Razer Kishi is widely considered one of the best — if not the absolute best — gaming controllers on Android. It's also perfect for Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing you to continue playing the latest titles on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate anywhere you go. At $45, or almost half off, this is likely to be the best price you'll see on the Razer Kishi during Black Friday and for a long time after.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is becoming even more important in 2022, with less cross-generation titles and more games that are exclusive to current-generation hardware, like Bethesda Game Studios' Starfield or Arkane Austin's Redfall. If you want to play these games without picking up one of the latest consoles, having a comfortable setup for Xbox Cloud Gaming with the Razer Kishi is a great idea.

Even if you're not interested in Xbox Cloud Gaming, the Razer Kishi is also perfectly functional as an Android controller, so you can play the latest mobile games without having to resort to touch controls.

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