Chillingo delivers new Nokia exclusives for Xbox Windows Phone: Dream Track Nation and Tiny Plane

Windows Phone 8 has received so much Xbox game love this week (in the form of The Dark Knight Rises and Shark Dash) that Windows Phone 7 owners were surely feeling left out. I mean, they should all be busy with Galactic Reign, but that’s another story.

Apparently someone at Nokia saw the lack of releases for the legacy OS and said, “No! This should not be.” To that end, Nokia and Chillingo have just published two Nokia-exclusive Xbox Windows Phone 7 games: Dream Track Nation and Tiny Plane. Both games look like great casual titles to keep Nokia owners busy.

Dream Track Nation

Dream Track Nation Nokia Lumia

Remember iStunt 2? Well, imagine that with cars instead of snowboards and a whole lot cuter and you’ll have an idea of what Dream Track Nation plays like. In this game, the objective is to drive to the end of each course. But the 2D courses happen to be completely wild and fantastic, so the car will often drive over ramps, fall off of cliffs, and encounter other tumultuous terrain.

I mentioned iStunt 2 because like that game, players steer the vehicles in this title by tilting their phones. At first I couldn’t get my car to stop spinning in place, but once I unplugged the charger and held my Lumia 920 a little more upright, the thing fell under my control. Tapping the left side of the screen causes the vehicle to move left, and the right side makes it go right. That’s all you need to know to play.

On top of its array of 80 levels spread across four environments, Dream Track Nation also features a built-in track editor. What’s more, users can actually share and download each other’s’ tracks! We haven’t put the track sharing to the test yet, but we’ll be sure to comment on it in our eventual review.

Dream Track Nation costs $2.99, just like all Nokia exclusive Xbox games. It’s a 21 MB download and works great on Windows Phone 7 and 8. You can view its Windows Phone Store page here, but the game must be purchased from a Nokia Lumia phone.

Tiny Plane

TinyPlane Nokia Lumia

Almost two years ago, we held a contest to ask users what mobile games they’d like to see ported to Windows Phone. One of those was Tiny Wings, an endless flying game. Sadly that title never made it over, but now we have the next best thing: Tiny Plane. Note that the store incorrectly spells the title as only one word (TinyPlane), but it’s definitely supposed to be two words.

In Tiny Plane, you’ll pilot an adorable plane across a (seemingly?) never-ending colorful environment. Swiping left and right adjusts the plane’s trajectory. Collecting fruit speeds up the plane, while coins can be spent on new aerial rides.

The challenge comes from managing your fuel – when it gets too low, you’ll have to land on specifically designated refueling stations. Land too early or late and it’s crash time. Also, some jerk shoots homing missiles at the plane and leaves mines along the sky. What did we ever do to that guy?

Tiny Plane costs $2.99 (both games are 99 cents on iOS, but those are the breaks). It’s a 27 MB download and works great on Windows Phone 7 and 8. You can view its Windows Phone Store page here, but the game must be purchased from a Nokia Lumia phone.

Update: Both games are now available to all Windows Phone users.

Thanks to Pbroy and Jey Si for the tip!

Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Super
  • Tiny plane does have a trial.
  • It does
  • Can't say any of them appeals to me but I'm glad Nokia is, again, stepping in to correct injusticies and, again, doing the job it was supposed to be done by Microsoft. I honestly can see less and less reasons why anyone who wants a WP device would chose HTC or Samsung over Nokia (ok, personally I never saw a single reason. But, theoretically...) Edit: my post concerns the World in general where the common way of buying a phone is paying full price for it. I know in the USA there's this tradition of getting the phones through contracts with carriers, but I am not thinking (and wasn't even thinking) about those cases in particular. Those are obviously restricted to what their carriers offer them (something that doesn't happen in Europe where carriers normally all have the phones. There's no "exclusivity" nor "specially designed phones"). Sorry for any confusion.
  • The HTC 8x is a much nicer in the hand device than the Lumia 920. Far thinner, way more sleek. For some of us that matters. That being said the Lumia 720 gives the 8x a run for the money and is microSD upgradable. Of course its slower and has a much lower resolution screen.
  • I chose my Ativ S because the 920 was exclusive to another provider and my HD7 crapped out on me less than half way into my 3 year term. I love the phone, but it would be nice if Samsung would get off their ass and make an effort to compete... At any rate, GO NOKIA!!
  • Because they use Sprint (like me) who doesn't want a Nokia handset for some reason.
  • I don't think you udnerstand... Nokia is doing this to flex their muscles. This has NOTHING to do with "what MS isn't doing". Nokia is doing this to get people to buy their WINDOWS PHONE devices. To show everyone else they have the "clout" to get things done. This is NOT a way to showing up MS, if anything it's a way of showing up HTC, Samsung, or whoever else.
    Whether you get a L920, 8X or whatever you are still getting a WP, and that mean MS wins overall.
    It's people like you who have to make this a point of MS's failure as opposed to an overall win for WP.  
  • Make no mistake.  Nokia is doing this to stay in business.
  • Keep um coming!
  • Nokia always taking care of everyone.. That's why they are the best!!
  • Nokia keeps Delivering!!
  • Meh.
    I'd rather get 1 good game in a month than all this bland crapware, no idea how they got xbox live on them too
  • Because Chillingo games tend to be fun. Just because you don't like casual games, that doesn't mean nobody does. Quite the opposite.
  • Wow, way to makie an assumption.
    Angry Birds and Contre Jour are casual fun, this is just some bland crap that Chullingo must have signed a contract to deliver. Like 10 games in a quarter.
  • Visually they are pretty bland, but they both have pretty obvious gameplay appeal. Many people do like these games, so WP needs 'em.
  • Let me're one of the elitist "gaming can only be hardcore, shoot'em in the head" types?
  • That's the most ignorant thing I read this year
  • The comment he replied to was awfully ignorant. You should try to be less abrasive.
  • No, you're right... Every game, especially Xbox titles need to appeal to Hiiiiiii&mighty, and if they don't then they are crap titles.... I mean, its not like children, adolescents, and casual gamers gamers who want mindless fun to combat stress need any games for them. BTW, who made you King and why are you so arrogant?
  • Id love fifa 13 or the app sky go.suppose we can dream...
  • +1 for fifa13
  • Nice... Now let's get some more Sega games
  • +1.
    Come on sega, give us SoR2 HD. Id buy on a heartbeat.
  • Typing of the Dead would make so much sense and really profit from the zombie craze.
  • Read that article about games our readers wanted that I linked when talking about Tiny Plane. You'll see a game that's quite a lot like Typing of the Dead.
  • We need another non-EA developer pumping out the Xbox LIVE titles. Not enough of GameLoft's titles appeal to me (especially when some are $7 and run like crap), and I'd like to show some support for the platform with big-name title purchases. So far, the only ones I've purchased are Skulls of the Shogun and Ashpalt 7: Heat (which I have almsot finished) from the Xbox LIVE collection, but I want more. For now, I can settle for the great indie games that I keep finding, so can't complain about a lack of quality games, just Xbox LIVE-enabled ones.
    Regardless, good job, Nokia. Your commitment to the platform is second to none, ESPECIALLY including Microsoft.
  • lol Microsoft brought gameloft games and SKull of Shogun to WP.
  • We don't actually know whether Microsoft paid Gameloft to release their games on WP or not. MS did publish Skulls of the Shogun (which is great), but many gamers feel that they aren't doing enough to promote Xbox gaming on the WP platform.
  • Awesome! Now give us Real Racing 2!
  • Wow, us Sprint WP gamers are sure being left out in the cold.  I understand most of that blame goes to Sprint and not MS, but seriously, since December 19th only 3 games have been released that are playable on my phone.  :-(
  • Love Nokia for going out and getting us games but both of these feel like 99 cent games. Especially with games like Asphalt 7 and Sharkl Dash being 99 cents.
  • These are not £2:29 games,more like 79p games so thx but no thx. Plus just brought dark knight and shark dash.
  • Gotta love Chillingo, they definetely make games for "smart phones".
  • Nice maybe if Verizon finally gives us news about the Lumia 928 I can join the fun.... Moving from a 8X to a HTC Trophy this weekend till the 928 or better phone gets released...
  • Be honest.  How many of you HTC/Samsung owners wish you just went Nokia in the first place.  It's ok.  Ebay is waiting for you.  Just remember next time.
  • NOT Samsung for sure, but the sensation when I tried 8x is deeply engraved in my heart...sending this from NOK810 and wishing I'd gone with 8x...especially now, that it has the navigation suit as well...I love Nokia, and I think of HTC as of my secret affair with perfect curves and clear blue eyes...her name was 8x :D hahahah
  • Is it me or r the controls really difficult?? Downloaded both uninstalled straight away cant c how to control them??
  • From my count Dream Track Nation only has 80 levels (20x4), but I might be missing something.
    Also, I liket he comparison to iStunt2, however the physics on this game are no where near as smooth as iStunt. My car seems to do uncontrollable random motions and spins. I have almost got gold on every level in the first world, and  I still feel the physics are very finnicky and wonky. But regardless it is fun because the levels are so short. I just wish you could see the times you needed to complete the levels in for gold.
  • Dang. Also , if I knew these two games were coming today I would not have broken down and splurged on Spiderman last night!
  • Downloaded and tried both, neither are any good. Chillingo makes way better apps than these, they are nowhere near up to snuff compared to their iOS offerings. Shame they won't transfer the great titles from iOS over, they are really good. These? Terrible.
  • Chillingo publishes these two games on iOS too. Are you suggesting that the WP versions are missing features or something?
  • Actually I think the WP version is missing features. I don't think the moon levels are on ios, so those might be exclusive. But I know on ios there is a time trial mode which is what the WP version is. There is also another mode where you collect stars similar to istunt 2. That is not in wo version as far as I can't tell.
  • No, I'm suggesting these games are crap compared to all the other ones they publish on iOS. I play Dream track for literally 45 seconds and couldn't stand how awful the controls were, and tiny plane was generic. What Chillingo publishes is great on iOS, these two games are garbage compared. Shame too, I love Chillingos games on my iPad.
  • Paul, your humor is great, seems your writing is improving in a perfekt balance every day now.
    I think I have said to many nice things about you now, any more and it will get weird :P. So great work and keep perfecting your typing, its fun AND enlightening to read. Reminds me about the Amiga days. Those were the days, I remember *mute* ...
  • Thanks man. Sometimes I'm too pressed for time, but I always like to put a little personality into my writing when I can. It's even better when someone appreciates those flourishes. :)
  • Why is it taking so long for all the xbla games to be ported to wp and Windows 8? I would have though they would be the easiest to port. On another note galactic reign is still missing from the Windows 8/RT store in Australia.
  • I just completed dream track nation and all of the gold medal achievements are glitched. None of them unlocked when I got gold on every single level. Only 75 gamerscore is possible out of the 200
  • Dang, that is terrible to hear. I'll follow up with the dev as soon as I can. Will respond to your email eventually too!
  • I am guessing it comes about because there is actually supposed to be another game mode where you collect stars (like iStunt 2) where you can also earn gold medals on each of the 80 levels. But that game mode was not ported over....even though it is mentioned in the description of the game on the Marketplace page. Classic developers. Mention things in the description and have achievements for stuff that they didnt bother to port over. The achievements are prob checking to see if you have both versions of the gold medals for both game modes, and of course it cant find the ones for star collecting mode!
  • This is a bug, we noticed it, we sent an update, and it will be fixed very soon. You seem to have a very bad attidude towards this, and this is unfortunate. The game is fixed, submitted, and you'll get your points as well as other cool stuff.
  • I am sorry if you get that impression. It is more the point of things like this happening. I really like the game don't get me wrong. Why was the star collecting mode not included? It is on iOS and the game is cheaper there too with more game modes. 2.99 is hard to spend literally beat the game in two hours.
  • No worries, thanks for the support, more content updates coming in, and I have some exclusivity in mind also. We also took note of people having trouble controlling the game, we're fixing this also, making it more smooth. There will also be a guide to help new people get the controls without guessing.
    We're really dedicated to support this game(s) long term, on the growing platform that is windows phone.
  • Isnt this great :/ hopefully they fix this, now i have to put this on hold :( thanks for sharing this info 
  • No problem. I cant stand games that have broken achievements. And I surely wish to know before I start them. I have good faith on this game though about a patch. Chillingo is usually good about this, though I dont know about the specific developer. Gameloft on the other hand will dick you over if you give the chance. That is why I doubt the unobtainable achievements in Spiderman and the Dark Knight will be fixed, but I still have a small glimmer of hope...
  • You can go ahead and get the game is you want to play it, the bug is fixed and an update has been submitted. It fixed this bug, and a couple things we noticed post submission. This bug we didnt notice, else we'd have fixed it, we're sorry for any loss points until it is fixed.
  • Cheers. Great game btw. Why was the star collecting not included in the game?
  • Well, i bought it already ;) Just stupid if you progress and be successful and then you have to play twice, but good to know you support the Game post release :)
  • Yeah I'm not really happy about that bug having went thru. I'll give more content to compensate for it :) We tested achievement, but I guess something happened between that point and release to break gold medals. Again, we're very sorry for this, and the way we fixed it, you'll get your achievements after only completing 1 more race, there won't be any replaying needed to get points more than that. No  need to get golds again on all those races :) Btw, some of you are damn good to have gotten gold on every level already, rock on! :)
  • Very good PowPowGames! There can be glitched achievements, it happens. The way you respond here and take care of the problem is awesome. To be sure: After the update I'll do 1 race and get 5 cheevos in a row?
  • Dream Track Nation Is Better ^^
  • Cool, more games I can't have.
  • two words, kids game -_-
  • I'll wait until the price drops to $0.99 and the glitched achievements are fixed before I pick this up.
  • FYI No Nokia game except connect 4 ever dropped to 0.99. And that game was a laggy piece of garbage. The games are respectable. I dont think people are giving the games credit. TBH I havent got Tiny Plane yet but looks ok.
  • Yeah, I always would buy my games when they went on dotw, but lately I've been breaking that trend because they have stopped the dotw altogether.