There are going to be a lot of 3D printers available this Black Friday, but we always forget the little things. There are plenty of accessories that make 3D printing more manageable, and some that are essential. As we find more and more deals, we will add them to the master list here.

Best 3D printer Black Friday Deals

Reel beauty?: Proto-Pasta Highfive Blue

Staff Pick

One of the great things about Black Friday is the chance to buy products you might not be able to afford usually. Proto-Pasta make some of the nicest filament around, but can be expensive. Joel Telling's High Five blue is one of my favorite colors, and this is a chance to grab it cheap!

$24 on sale at Matterhackers

Safety first: AMMEX Medical Black Nitrile Gloves

If you are a resin printing enthusiast, you'll know; nitrile gloves are a must. Getting resin on your skin is terribad and needs to be avoided, so having a stock of Nitrile gloves is essential. Buy a box while they are cheap, heck, buy two or three boxes, they are always worth it.

$8 sale price at Amazon

Multi material joy: Mosaic Palette 2

While $50 may not seem like a huge discount on a $500 machine, anything that can let you buy this amazing accessory is worth doing. The Palette 2 is genius and allows you to print with four different colors, four different materials, or any combination of the two. It elevates your printing way beyond anything I've seen before.

$450 with coupon at Amazon

Material storage evolved: Repbox kit

The Repbox is the perfect filament storage solution, especially if you are looking to buy the Palette 2. The box can house up to six 1kg spools of filament and lets you feed them out of the box into your printer or Palette. This kit is just $100 this Black Friday — though the one pictured has the optional Hygrometer on —, and you will need to print some of the parts yourself. That is part of the fun though!

$100 at Repkord

Breathe Easy: PARTU Air Purifier

While there is plenty of science out there saying that 3D printers don't cause a high level of contaminants, it is always better to be safe than sorry. An air purifier in your workshop is a no-brainer when plastics are being melted, cured, or solvents are being used.

$42 sale price at Amazon

Time to stock up: CCTree PLA filament

This is another chance to stock up on materials. Sure, Proto-Pasta is nice to have when you want to print something and leave it clean, but if you are painting a project, then any PLA will do. This CCTree filament is decent, and at this low cost, it's perfect for prints you are looking to post-process.

$16 on sale at Amazon

Get Stuck in: AmazonBasics Large Washable Purple Glue Sticks

Glue sticks have long been a staple in 3D printing. They help stick your prints to your print bed, but they also act as a release agent to stop your models from fusing to it. They are also water washable so you can clean your bed simply and without a lot of mess.

$9 on sale at Amazon

Dry as a 3D printed bone: Printdry system

I have the Printdry system, and it's incredible. It lets you keep two rolls of filament in perfect condition and still have them feeding into your 3D printer. It will dry different filaments to different temperatures, too, and the vacuum storage container makes sure the Proto-Pasta you bought earlier stays in great shape.

$100 on sale at Matterhackers

Better than glue: Magigoo 120ml

Magigoo is like a glue stick, evolved. It is specifically designed to hold models to your print surface and release it when the plate is cold. I love it, and use it all the time to make sure my prints succeed every time. This 120ml will last you for hundreds of prints, too, and it's 20% off right now.

$38 on Sale at Matterhackers

Grab some bargains

Black Friday bargains come and go so quickly it's hard to keep track. We will be updating these deals all through the Black Friday spending time, but right now, the Proto Pasta High Five blue is as cheap as its ever been, so now is the time to pick up a roll. It's not just blue; it's sparkly and shiny and beautiful!

A more practical buy, though, is the nitrile gloves. I know it isn't the most exciting deal, but stocking up on the mundane items is sometimes the best use of the Black Friday season.

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