Enjoy 4K content with the HP 28-inch FreeSync monitor on sale for $280 today

Hp V28 4k
Hp V28 4k

The HP V28 28-inch 4K FreeSync monitor has dropped to just $279.99 at Best Buy. This sale is part of Best Buy's deals of the day, which means it's very temporary and very limited. You can also find it going for this price on Amazon. While it does get as high as $380 on an off day, and you can find it going for that much at other retailers like Staples, the monitor has sold for around $340 for most of 2021. Either way, today's deal is a great price.

It's tough to find great 4K monitors because frankly the prices can get out of control really fast. We definitely have some 4K monitors we'd consider our favorites. The HP Z27 is a top pick, and this here is the HP V28. Not quite the actually even more affordable today thanks to Best Buy's deal.

With this screen you do get those 4K resolutions, but you get plenty more as well. HP has tech called Overdrive that helps the display get down to a 1ms response time. That can be fantastically helpful when you're watching media, which is most likely the primary purpose of you even owning this display. Overdrive helps eliminate motion blur, so you can also use it while playing games that have a lot going on on screen.

To further help with getting the most out of your favorite video games, the monitor also uses AMD FreeSync technology. You can combine that with your AMD graphics card for fluid and responsive gameplay that syncs your refresh rate.

The ports include a headphone jack, dual HDMI ports, and a DisplayPort.

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