Head on over to Newegg and grab the WD My Book 10TB hard drive for just $164.99 using the code EMCUTTW22. That's a great low price for this drive since it sells for $200 without the code at Newegg and the next best price is $184 on Amazon or $186 at B&H. This is the second lowest price we've ever seen, and Newegg's deal ends in less than seven hours.

All the Space

WD My Book 10TB USB 3.0 external hard drive black

The USB 3.0 interface is backwards compatible. Comes with WD Backup software, hardware encryption, and it works with Time Machine. Also has a three-year warranty from WD.

$164.99 $200.00 $35 off

With coupon: EMCUTTW22

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

This is an external desktop hard drive, designed to sit there near your computer and soak up all the data you can throw on it. Store your movies, music, photos, and more with enough space to last you quite a while. It's super easy to use. Just plug in and get to work. It uses USB 3.0 for super fast transfer speeds, but it's also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 if that's what you have available.

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Some of the built-in features include automatic backup with WD's Backup software, so you can keep a safe copy of all your stuff in case of a hard drive failure. It also works with Time Machine and includes password protection with hardware encryption.

The drive is covered by a three-year limited warranty from WD.

You do not want this if you're looking for something portable. For that, I would look at the WD My Passport portable hard drive. You're not risking as much data because of the smaller capacities, and it's designed to take a beating a bit more.

It's common among custom PC builders to buy drives like this and shuck the external covering to get the internal drive inside. If you wanted to buy a 10TB internal drive, it would cost you a lot more than $165 usually. An equivalent WD drive goes for around $350 on Amazon. That's a smart tactic and a good way to boost your PC's internals without breaking your bank.

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