Find out when your friends log on Xbox One with your Microsoft Band

A cool feature about the Microsoft Band is that now you can get notified on your wrist when your friends log on their Xbox One so you can coordinate your gaming sessions. According to our tipster, it's pretty easy to set up your Xbox One and your Xbox One SmartGlass application on your phone to deliver notifications to your Microsoft Band. Now, when your friends get online, you'll instantly know so you won't waste any time in starting that multiplayer game.

Our tipster Dan wrote:

  • Log into your Xbox One and select a friend on your list and change the relationship to "favorite"
  • Go into the Xbox One Smartglass app on your phone and turn notifications on for when a favorite comes online.
  • Make sure you have the notification center enabled on your Microsoft Band and PRESTO you now know when your favorite friends are online to get that raid knocked out on Destiny.

Have you tried this? Let us know how stalking friends on the Xbox One via your Microsoft Band works out for you.