7 AWESOME gamer toys that anyone would want and still on sale

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The sale madness is over, but you can still snag some awesome deals on gamer toys and accessories. Whether you want to create your own Phil Spencer-inspired shelf or surprise someone with a fun gift, you will find something to love in this list. From toys to decorative items, this stuff will add some flair and fun to your gaming room. And if you are a fan of Halo or Minecraft, don’t forget to check out our separate lists of the best toys from those franchises.

We’re still on the lookout for the best deals on Windows, Xbox, and more.  You’ve probably seen some of the most popular deals already, but some hidden gems are also worth your attention.

While scouring for deals in gaming, tech and tv, I've also been keeping an eye on the smaller stuff, things to brighten up my work and gaming space or buy gifts for fellow nerds in my inner circle. Without further ado here are 7 things you can add to your basket now for instant joy.

Gaming Toys and Accessories on sale

My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine X Playable Mini Arcade: $39.99now $26 at Amazon

My Arcade Retro Arcade Machine X Playable Mini Arcade: was $39.99 now $26 at Amazon

If you long for the days of retro gaming junkie you'll love this mini arcade machine. It has 300 games that take you back to the good old days of gaming. Play classics like Galaga, Dig Dug, Pac-Man, and more. The machine has a 2.5-inch color display, realistic arcade sounds, and a joystick and teeny tiny buttons for the ultimate gaming experience. Keep it on your desk and sneak it out during Microsoft Teams meetings and play some games while pretending to listen. 

Stackable LED Tetris Light 7 Colors: $24.99now $21 at Amazon

Stackable LED Tetris Light 7 Colors: was $24.99 now $21 at Amazon

A set of seven LED night lights inspired by Tetris that can be stacked and interlocked to make your own design. The neat feature is that the LED lights activate when they are connected and turn off again when separated, and they are powered by USB or batteries depending on if you plan to display on your desk or your gaming shelf. 

Funko POP Pop! The Witcher: $15.00now $11.99 at Amazon

Funko POP Pop! The Witcher: was $15.00 now $11.99 at Amazon

This might not look like a big deal, but some Funkos are hard to find at a lower price and our beloved Butcher of Blaviken is one of them, grab Geralt from The Witcher and make him the star of your collection. Maybe he’ll even toss a coin to you.

Borderlands Claptrap - Charging Controller and Device Holder: $24.99now $19.99 at Amazon

Borderlands Claptrap - Charging Controller and Device Holder: was $24.99 now $19.99 at Amazon

Cable Guys are awesome little buddies that keep your controller, phone or any other gadget in a secure place and come with a dual USB cable for powering up your devices. There are many of them in the sale, like Crash Bandicoot and Masterchief, but I love this CL4P-TP from Borderlands, don’t worry he won’t talk your ear off.

Gears of War Fleece Blanket: $35.99now $23.99 at Amazon

Gears of War Fleece Blanket: was $35.99 now $23.99 at Amazon

You might be wondering, why buy a fleece blanket? In the middle of Summer? Well, because it’s a great deal, and it’s not just any fleece blanket, it’s a Gears of War fleece blanket. You can use it in many ways, not just to keep you warm. You can throw it over your gaming chair, or hang it on a wall, or even use it as a flag to show your allegiance to the COG. It’s a must-have for Gears fans and it’s officially licensed.

: $22.42now $10.99 at Amazon

Modiphius Fallout Nuka-Cola Caps set: was $22.42 now $10.99 at Amazon

These aren't just bottle caps, they're currency. Get a headstart when the nuclear winter begins, with 50 caps you can purchase a stimpack to heal your wounds, a nuka-cola quantum to quench your thirst and boost your AP, or a mini-nuke to blast your enemies to smithereens. Get a head start in the apocalypse for half price!

Slime, yes really: $11.99now $8.99 at Amazon

Slime, yes really: was $11.99 now $8.99 at Amazon

Forget the gooey mess your kids created during the endless days of lockdown boredom, this is slime with a mission, slime for grown-ups. This slime squeezes into all the nooks and crannies of your keyboard and pulls out the dirt, and makes tidying up your desk a blast.

Which I would choose

As a huge fan of The Witcher, I actually already have Funko Pops of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri in my collection, but I don't have the version of Geralt mentioned above as he's the Henry Cavill TV one. I'm tempted to add him to the basket and pretend he's Geralt from another universe as seems to be the plan with the upcoming Season 4 of the show. Perhaps I'm getting a little too creative with that but I just love Witcher merch and it's not often I see the Funkos from the franchise on sale, so this is my favorite pick from my super 7 deals. 

What will you choose? 

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