These discounted Halo toys are perfect for any Master Chief fan — but time is running out

The Mister Chief helmet in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
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Toys are fun, and Halo is also fun. So what happens when you combine Halo and toys? Even more fun of course! And today is your last day to make use of Amazon Prime Day sales that have the best Halo toys and accessories down to their lowest prices yet.

We've rounded up the best Halo toys and accessories we've found on Amazon today that are on-sale for less than their usual prices. Everything from figurines to MEGA building sets are up for grabs, so hurry while stocks last.

Master Chief Controller Mount: $29.99now $24.99 at Amazon

Master Chief Controller Mount: was $29.99 now $24.99 at Amazon

This Master Chief figure is built to withstand the horrors of futuristic space war... such as holding your smartphone, or an Xbox controller. He's very helpfully offering to hold some stuff for you... and he looks great doing it.

Master Chief Helmet: $79.99now $59.99 at Amazon

Master Chief Helmet: was $79.99 now $59.99 at Amazon

Yes, you read that right. This is Master Chief's actual helmet, complete with LED lights to help you see in darkened warzones. Okay, maybe it's not his actual helmet, but it's a pretty good looking replica! And it's complete with its very own stand for when you're not in battle.

MEGA Halo Action Figures: $53.99now $34.99 at Amazon

MEGA Halo Action Figures: was $53.99 now $34.99 at Amazon

If you've ever wanted a collection of MEGA Contrux Halo figurines, now is the time to buy this all-in-one collection of Halo characters, which includes the Master Chief, Cortana, 343 Guilty Spark, Noble Team, and more!

Halo 6.5-inch Spartan: $24.99 now $17.49 at Amazon

Halo 6.5-inch Spartan: was $24.99 now $17.49 at Amazon

If you're in the market for a big Spartan figurine, this 6.5-inch Master Chief toy should fit the bill. It comes with weapon accessories including the iconic Halo Assault Rifle and Sidekick, poseable arms and legs, and interchangeable hands.

MEGA Halo Infinite Pelican building set: $150now $104 at Amazon

MEGA Halo Infinite Pelican building set: was $150 now $104 at Amazon

Like Lego? You'll love this MEGA building set that's comprised of 2024 pieces for you to build your very own Halo Pelican vehicle. The set comes complete with three micro action figures, including Master Chief, The Pilot, and a Hunter.

MEGA Halo Infinite Banished Phantom building set: 117now $77 at Amazon

MEGA Halo Infinite Banished Phantom building set: was $117 now $77 at Amazon

Why not complete the collection with this MEGA Banished Phantom building set, which is comprised of 1214 pieces and includes four micro figures including Spartan Griffin, Jega Rdomnai, Brute Captain, and Escherum in the form of a hologram!

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It's not often that we see Halo toys on sale for these sorts of prices, and with Amazon Prime Day coming to a close in just a few hours, you've not got long left to take advantage of these awesome deals.

Halo building sets from MEGA are great fun, especially if you have kids who love Halo. You'll be able to spend hours putting together thousands of blocks to create a Halo Pelican or Banished Phantom. What's more, the Halo 20th Anniversary MEGA collectibles make for a great gift for any Halo fan.

Here at Windows Central, we're doing our best to round up the actual good deals to be had between now and the end of Prime Day next week. We know it can be hard to sift through all the rubbish deals, so we've compiled a collection of the best Prime Day deals we've spotted for you. Our collection will be constantly updated, so keep checking back!

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