The 7 best Minecraft toys on Amazon Prime Day (TODAY ONLY)

For over a decade now, Minecraft has stood tall as one of the world's most popular video games, with millions and millions of fans actively playing it across Xbox, Windows PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. It's become a massive part of today's pop culture, and as a result, there are tons of great Minecraft toys available that are perfect for superfans. If you or someone you know loves the game, consider buying one of these awesome toys while they're still discounted for the remainder of Amazon Prime Day. 

Minecraft Potion Bottle LED Lamp:$28.50$16.79 at Amazon

Minecraft Potion Bottle LED Lamp: was $28.50 now $16.79 at Amazon

This officially licensed lamp is the perfect night light for any Minecraft fan. Featuring a design authentic to the game and eight colors you can switch between by shaking the bottle, it's a must-have.

Mattel Minecraft Legends Portal Guard Figure:$25.99$17.99 at Amazon

Mattel Minecraft Legends Portal Guard Figure: was $25.99 now $17.99 at Amazon

Fans of the Minecraft Legends spinoff game will recognize this fearsome piglin. With movable limbs and a bludgeon launcher that works just like enemy's does in-game, it's great for both display and play.

LEGO Minecraft The Rabbit Ranch Set:$34.99$23.99 at Amazon

LEGO Minecraft The Rabbit Ranch Set: was $34.99 now $23.99 at Amazon

With this LEGO set, you can experience the fun of Minecraft building outside of the game. It comes with all the pieces, minifigs, and instructions you need to build a rabbit-themed house, a small garden area, and an ominous cave where a lurking undead threat resides...

Voyager Minecraft 31-inch Skateboard:$24.99$21.24 at Amazon

Voyager Minecraft 31-inch Skateboard: was $24.99 now $21.24 at Amazon

Do you or someone you know love skateboarding and Minecraft? This themed maple wood skateboard will be right up your alley, then! The top of the board has the classic Minecraft logo, while you'll find artwork of mobs like an Enderman, Zombie, and a Skeleton on the underside.

Putrer Minecraft Bee Plush:$14.99$11.19 at Amazon

Putrer Minecraft Bee Plush: was $14.99 now $11.19 at Amazon

The Minecraft Bee is undeniably one of the cutest mobs in the game, and with this plush, you can hold one close without having to worry about stings. It's very soft thanks to its PP cotton filler, making it an excellent cuddle companion.

Puter Minecraft Wolf Plush:$12.99$10.39 at Amazon

Puter Minecraft Wolf Plush: was $12.99 now $10.39 at Amazon

Putrer also makes an adorable Wolf plush that, like the Bee one above, is incredibly soft and gentle on skin. The poofy design is particularly hilarious and cute, making it one of our favorite stuffed mobs. 

$25.99$20.79 at Amazon

SUIYUEOUR Minecraft Sea Turtle Plush Set: was $25.99 now $20.79 at Amazon

Minecraft's Sea Turtles are also endearing as well, especially when the babies are around. With this plush set, you get an adult and three babies to play and cuddle with.

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Since Minecraft is so unbelievably popular, there's an ocean of themed toys and collectibles available for fans of the game. So why did we choose these ones above all the rest? Ultimately, it comes down to two factors: quality and money saved.

While there are hundreds of other Minecraft toys, many of them have average ratings and/or are of a mediocre quality. We want to make sure that you're actually buying something good for yourself or the Minecraft superfan in your life, so you won't see us recommending anything we're not sure you'll be happy with.

It's also our mission to save you money while the Prime Day sales event is active, so we made sure to spotlight the toys that are on sale for the best discounts. Even though some of these deal prices are only a few dollars less than regular costs, those drops are significant when we're talking about toys in the $10-20 range. Just make sure you pull the trigger on the ones you like sooner rather than later, as Prime Day is scheduled to end later this evening.

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