Diablo 4: Everything you need to know about Tempering

Diablo 4 Tempering
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Diablo 4 Season 4 is the start of a whole new Diablo 4 endgame for both Seasonal and Eternal Realms. Based on community feedback, the huge itemization update in Patch 1.4.0 brings two new endgame crafting systems. Tempering and Masterworking.

Whether you are playing the new Season, Loot Reborn, or playing on the Eternal Realm, you'll come across Tempering first as it's available as soon as you have access to the Blacksmith. Here's everything you need to know about this new crafting system. 

What is Tempering in Diablo 4?

Tempering is a way to add meaningful and fun affixes to your (non-Unique) items. It was bought in as part of a huge itemization overhaul that simplified Diablo 4 loot and gave the player more control over their gear and build. Tempering will replace the previous Blacksmith'Upgrade' system in Diablo 4.

Common loot will now fall with only core and basic stats, for example Strength and Attack Speed, so you can immediately see if an item is good for you or not at a glance. Overly specific conditional modifiers have been removed, for example 'Damage to Injured Enemies." You'll only see affixes that impact your build positively and with a higher uptime. Tempering is a system that you will use to add complexity to your items yourself, giving you more control and more possibilities with your build.

For example, if you are a Necromancer, you can use Tempering to add Skeletal Mage Damage or increase the area of effect for Corpse Explosion. 

How do I Temper an item in Diablo 4

With Tempering you can add two affixes to a piece of gear, and you can do this at the Blacksmith in town, but first you'll need some Temper Manuals and you will need to have the right category of manual for the affix you are looking to work on. If you combine a certain Temper Manual with an item, it will add one of 4 affixes randomly.

What is a Temper Manual?

You'll need a Temper manual to complete Tempering at the Blacksmith (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

These are little books that drop naturally from most in-game content like killing bosses, completing Nightmare Dungeons and taking on the World Bosses. Temper Manuals contain a small collection of different 'recipes' for you to use at the Blacksmith.

Using Corpse Explosion as an example, if you want to increase the power of this you'll need to acquire a Profane Innovation Manual and take this to the Blacksmith with the item of gear you wish to use in your recipe. Profane Innovation is a Utility manual (so same as the Codex of Power categories for Legendary affixes). Utility means it can only be applied to Armor and not a Weapon.

In this example, the Profane Innovation Manual has the chance to apply 1 of 5 affixes to your armor, increasing the size of Corpse Explosion, Corpse Tendrils, Iron Maiden or Decrepify, or the duration of a Curse. If you don't like what you got, you can pray to the gods of RNGesus and roll again. 

There is a 1 in 5 chance to increase the size of Corpse Explosion using this Tempering manual (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Each Tempering Manual only affects a small handful of spells, so getting the stat or affix you want is much easier than it used to be. The Temper Manuals you find will last until the end of the season you are in, or in the case of the Eternal Realm, forever — so use them, don't hoard them!

Tempering Durability

You cannot Temper an item indefinitely. You can only Temper an item until you are out of charges on an item, but don't worry you can always find new items or trade with friends. Players won't be able to add Tempered Affixes to Unique and Uber Unique Items.

How to unlock Tempering

Tempering is available to all players, in all all World Tiers as soon as they have the Blacksmith unlocked. 

All Tempering Manuals

Swipe to scroll horizontally
NameApplies toEffect
Worldly EnduranceHelms, Chest Armor, Pants, Sheilds, Amulets+X Maximum Life +X% Total Armor X% Dodge Chance
Natural MotionBoots and Amulets+X% Movement Speed +X% Movement Speed for 4 Seconds After Killing an Elite X% Mobility Cooldown Reduction X% Evade Cooldown Reduction
Worldly FortuneAll Armor, Shields, AmuletsLucky Hit: Up to a +X% Chance to Slow for 2 Seconds Lucky Hit: Up to a +X% Chance to Immobilize for 2 Seconds Lucky Hit: Up to a +X% Chance to Stun for 2 Seconds Lucky Hit: Up to a +X% Chance to Freeze for 2 Seconds
Worldly StabilityRings, AmuletsX% Resource Generation X% Resource Cost Reduction Lucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Restore +X% Primary Resource
Natural ResistanceHelms, Chest Armor, Pants, Sheilds, Amulets+X% Fire Resistance +X% Lightning Resistance +X% Cold Resistance +X% Poison Resistance +X% Shadow Resistance
Natural SchemesAll Armor, Shields, Amulets+X Thorns +X% Crowd Control Duration +X% Barrier Generation
Natural FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Damage +X% Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies +X% Damage to Close Enemies +X% Damage to Distant Enemies
Elemental SurgeWeaponsLucky Hit: Up to a 40% Chance to Deal +X Elemental Damage
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Barbarian Tempering Manuals
NameApplies toEffect
Arsenal FinessWeapons, Gloves, Rings Amulets+X% Damage with Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weapons+X% Damage with Dual-Wielded Weapons+X% Damage with Two-Handed Slashing Weapons+X% Damage when Swapping Weapons
Barbarian ControlAll Armor, Shields and Amulets+X Steel Grasp Count+X Upheaval Count+X% Stun Duration+X to Concussion
Barbarian MotionBoots, Amulets+X% Movement Speed+X% Movement Speed for 4 Seconds After Killing an Elite+X% Lunging Strike Range•X% Charge Cooldown Reduction•X% Leap Cooldown Reduction
Barbarian ProtectionAll Armor, Shields and Amulets+X to Imposing Presence +X to Martial Vigor +X to Guttural Yell +X to Defensive Stance
Barbarian RecoveryAll Armor, Shields and Amulets+X% Chance for Lunging Strike Projectiles to Cast Twice+X to Raid Leader+X to Invigorating Fury
Barbarian StrategyAll Armor, Shields and AmuletsX% Ground Stomp Cooldown ReductionX% Iron Skin Cooldown ReductionX% Challenging Shout Cooldown ReductionX% Steel Grasp Cooldown Reduction
Barbarian AugmentsWeapons+X% Double Swing Size+X% Whirlwind Size+X% Frenzy Duration+X% Berserking Duration
Berserking FinessWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Damage while Berserking is Active+X% Damage while Wrath of the Berserker is Active+X% Damage while War Cry is Active
Bleed AugmentsWeapons+X% Rend Size+X% Rupture Size+X% Flay Duration+X to Pressure Point+X to Expose Vulnerability
Brawling EfficiencyRings, Amulets•X% Brawling Cooldown Reduction•X% Kick Cooldown Reduction•X% War Cry Cooldown Reduction
Demoltion FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings Amulets+X% Kick Damage+X% Charge Damage+X% Death Blow Damage+X% Damage while Iron Maelstrom is Active
Furious AugmentsWeaponsBash Cleaves for +X% Damage+X% Hammer of the Ancients Size+X% Upheaval Size+X% Kick Effect
Sandstorm AugmentsWeapons+X% Chance for Dust Devil Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Dust Devil Size
Thorn BodyAll Armor, Shields and Amulets+X% Thorns while Fortified+X to Outburst+X to Tough as Nails
Ultimate Efficiency — BarbarianRings, AmuletsCasting Ultimate Skills Restores +X Primary Resource•X% Call of the Ancients Cooldown Reduction•X% Iron Maelstrom Cooldown Reduction•X% Wrath of the Berserker Cooldown Reduction
Wasteland AugmentsWeapons+X% Ground Stomp Size+X% Leap Size+X% Earthquake Size+X% Earthquake Duration
Weapon Attunement — BarbarianRings, AmuletsX% Basic Resource Generation+X% Resource Generation with Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weapons+X% Resource Generation with Dual-Wielded Weapons+X% Resource Generation with Two-Handed Slashing Weapons
Weapon Mastery EfficiencyRings, AmuletsX% Weapon Mastery Cooldown Reduction•X% Death Blow Cooldown Reduction•X% Rupture Cooldown Reduction•X% Steel Grasp Cooldown Reduction
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Druid Tempering Manuals
NameApplies toEffect
Companion EfficiencyRings, AmuletsX% Companion Cooldown Reduction X% Wolves Cooldown Reduction X% Poison Creeper Cooldown Reduction X% Ravens Cooldown Reduction
Companion FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Companion Damage+X% Wolves Damage+X% Poison Creeper Damage+X% Ravens Damage
Companion InnovationAll Armor, Shields, Amulets+X% Wolves Attack Speed+X% Ravens Attack Speed+X% Poison Creeper Duration+X% Ravens Size
Druid InvigorationRings, AmuletsCasting Wrath Skills Restores +X Primary ResourceCasting Ultimate Skills Restores +X Primary Resource+X to Abundance+X to Clarity
Druid MotionBoots, Amulets+X% Movement SpeedX% Trample Cooldown Reduction+X to Digitigrade Gait
Earth AugmentsWeapons+X% Chance for Earth Spike Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Landslide Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Boulder Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Petrify Duration
Earth FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Earth Damage+X% Earth Lucky Hit Chance+X% Earth Critical Strike Chance+X% Earth Overpower Damage+X% Boulder Damage
Nature Magic WallHelms, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, AmuletsX% Cyclone Armor Cooldown ReductionX% Earthen Bulwark Cooldown Reduction+X% Cyclone Armor Size+X% Earthen Bulwark Duration
Shapeshifting EnduranceHelms, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, AmuletsX% Blood Howl Cooldown ReductionX% Debilitating Roar Cooldown Reduction+X% Debilitating Roar Duration+X to Nature's Resolve
Shapeshifting FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Werewolf Attack Speed+X% Rabies Damage+X% Trample Damage+X% Lacerate Damage+X% Werewolf Critical Strike Chance+X% Werebear Overpower Damage
Storm AugmentsWeapons+X% Chance for Wind Shear Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Tornado Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Hurricane Size+X% Lightning Storm Duration+X% Hurricane Duration
Storm FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Storm Damage+X% Hurricane Damage+X% Cataclysm Damage+X% Lightning Bolt Damage+X% Storm Critical Strike Chance
Werebear AugmentsWeapons+X% Maul Size+X% Pulverize Size+X% Grizzly Rage Duration
Werewolf AugmentsWeaponsX% Shred Critical Strike Chance+X% Rabies Duration+X% Lacerate Duration
Wrath Efficiency Rings, AmuletsX% Hurricane Cooldown ReductionX% Boulder Cooldown ReductionX% Rabies Cooldown Reduction
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Necromancer Tempering Manuals
NameApplies toEffect
Blood AugmentsWeapons+X% Hemorrhage Size+X% Blood Surge Size+X% Blood Lance Duration
Blood EnduranceHelm, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, Amulets+X% Chance for Hemorrhage to Form Blood Orbs+X% Blood Orb Healing+X% Blood Mist DurationX% Blood Mist Cooldown Reduction
Blood FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Blood Attack Speed +X% Blood Damage +X% Blood Overpower Damage +X% Damage while Fortified
Bone AugmentsWeapons+X% Chance for Bone Splinters Projectiles to Cast Twice +X% Chance for Bone Spear Projectiles to Cast Twice +X% Bone Spirit Size +X% Bone Storm Duration
Bone FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Bone Damage +X% Bone Critical Strike Chance +X% Bone Critical Strike Damage +X% Bone Spirit Damage
Necromancer Efficiency Rings, Amulets X% Ultimate Cooldown ReductionX% Golem Cooldown ReductionX% Bone Spirit Cooldown Reduction+X to Rapid Ossification
Necromancer InvigorationRings, Amulets +X% Chance for Projectiles to Cast TwiceCasting Macabre Skills Restores +X Primary ResourceCasting Ultimate Skills Restores +X Primary Resource
Necromancer MotionBoots, Amulets+X% Movement Speed+X% Chance for Blood Mist Projectiles to Cast Twice+X to Death's Approach
Profane CageHelm, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, Amulets+X% Blight Effect+X% Corpse Tendrils Duration+X% Corpse Tendrils Size+X to Crippling Darkness
Profane FinesseHelm, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, Amulets+X% Damage to Enemies Affected by Curse Skills+X% Macabre Damage+X% Iron Maiden Damage+X% Corpse Tendrils Damage
Profane InnovationAll Armor, Shields, Amulets+X% Corpse Explosion Size+X% Corpse Tendrils Size+X% Iron Maiden Size+X% Decrepify Size+X% Curse Duration
Shadow Augments — DecayWeapons+X% Chance for Blight Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Decompose Size+X% Blight Size
Shadow Augments — ExecutionWeapons+X% Chance for Sever Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Reap Duration
Shadow FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Shadow Damage Over Time+X% Darkness Damage+X% Desecrated Ground Damage+X% Corpse Explosion Damage
Summoning AugmentsWeapons+X% Minion Attack Speed+X% Chance for Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Skeleton Priest Effect Duration
Summoning FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Summoning Damage+X% Skeletal Mages Damage+X% Golems Damage
Thorn ArmyAll Armor, Shields, Amulets+X% Thorns while FortifiedMinions Inherit +X% of Your ThornsSkeletal Warriors Inherit +X% of Your ThornsSkeletal Mages Inherit +X% of Your ThornsGolems Inherit +X% of Your Thorns
Weapon Attunement — NecromancerRings, Amulets X% Basic Resource Generation+X% Resource Generation with Scythes+X% Resource Generation with Shields
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Rogue Tempering Manuals
NameApplies toEffect
Agility EfficiencyRings, AmuletsX% Agility Cooldown ReductionX% Shadow Step Cooldown ReductionX% Caltrops Cooldown ReductionX% Dash Cooldown Reduction
Alchemist ControlHelms, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, Amulets+X to Trick Attacks+X to Chilling Weight+X to Shadow Crash
Basic Augments - RogueWeapons+X% Chance for Puncture Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Heartseeker Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Forceful Arrow Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Invigorating Strike Duration+X% Heartseeker Duration
Core Augments - RogueWeapons+X% Twisting Blades Effect+X% Chance for Barrage Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Rapid Fire Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Penetrating Shot Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Flurry Size
Cutthrout Finesse Weapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Cutthroat Damage+X% Cutthroat Attack Speed+X% Cutthroat Critical Strike Chance+X% Cutthroat Critical Strike Damage
Daze ControlAll Armor, Shields, AmuletsLucky Hit: Up to a +X% Chance to Daze for 2 SecondsX% Smoke Grenade Cooldown Reduction+X% Smoke Grenade Duration
Imbue AbundanceRings, Amulets+X Shadow Imbuement Count+X Poison Imbuement Count+X Cold Imbuement Count
Marksman FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Marksman Damage+X% Marksman Critical Strike Chance+X% Marksman Critical Strike Damage+X% Rain of Arrows Damage
Rogue Cloaking Helms, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, AmuletsX% Concealment Cooldown Reduction+X% Concealment Duration+X to Agile
Rogue InvigorationRings, AmuletsX% Puncture Resource Generation+X% Invigorating Strike Effect+X to Innervation+X to Adrenaline Rush
Rogue MotionBoots, Amulets+X% Movement Speed+X% Movement Speed from Blade Shift+X% Chance for Dark Shroud Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Shadow Step Duration+X to Stutter Step
Rogue RecoveryHelms, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, Amulets+X% Chance for Flurry Projectiles to Cast Twice+X to Siphoning Strikes+X to Mending Obscurity
Scoundrel FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Damage to Poisoned Enemies+X% Damage to Enemies Affected by Trap Skills+X% Imbued Damage+X% Trap Damage
Specialist EvolutionWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Damage per Combo Point Spent+X% Chance for Rain of Arrows Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Stun Grenade Size+X% Shadow Clone Duration+X% Inner Sight Duration
Subterfuge EfficiencyRings, AmuletsX% Subterfuge Cooldown ReductionX% Trap Cooldown ReductionX% Poison Trap Cooldown ReductionX% Dark Shroud Cooldown Reduction
Trap AugmentsWeaponsTraps Arm X Seconds Faster+X% Caltrops Size+X% Caltrops Duration+X% Poison Trap Duration
Trickster Finesse Weapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Shadow Step Damage+X% Dash Damage+X% Shadow Clone Damage+X% Stun Grenade Damage
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Sorcerer Tempering Manuals
NameApplies toEffect
Conjuration Efficiency Rings, AmuletsX% Hydra Resource Cost ReductionX% Ice Blades Cooldown ReductionX% Lightning Spear Cooldown Reduction
Conjuration FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Conjuration Damage+X% Hydra Damage+X% Ice Blades Damage+X% Lightning Spear Damage
Frost AugmentsWeapons+X% Chance for Frost Bolt Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Frozen Orb Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Ice Shards Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Blizzard Size
Frost CageHelms, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, AmuletsX% Frost Nova Cooldown ReductionX% Chill Slow Potency+X to Cold Front
Frost FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Cold Damage+X% Vulnerable Damage+X% Damage to Frozen Enemies+X% Blizzard Damage+X% Ice Spike Damage
Pyromancy AugmentsWeapons+X% Chance for Fire Bolt Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Fireball Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Incinerate Size+X% Meteor Size+X% Firewall Size
Pyromancy EnduranceHelms, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, AmuletsLucky Hit: Up to a 5% Chance to Heal +X Life+X% Flame Shield Duration+X to Warmth
Pyromancy FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Fire Damage+X% Fire Damage Over Time+X% Pyromancy Attack Speed+X% Pyromancy Critical Strike Damage+X% Mastery Damage
Shock AugmentsWeapons+X% Chance for Spark Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Chain Lightning Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Charged Bolts Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Chance for Ball Lightning Projectiles to Cast Twice+X% Teleport Size
Shock FinesseWeapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets+X% Lightning Damage+X% Shock Critical Strike Chance+X% Shock Critical Strike Damage+X% Teleport Damage+X% Crackling Energy Damage
Sorcerer ControlAll Armor, Shields, Amulets+X% Immobilize Duration+X% Stun Duration+X% Freeze Duration+X% Frost Nova Size
Sorcerer MotionBoots, Amulets+X% Movement Speed+X% Movement Speed for 4 Seconds After Killing an EliteX% Teleport Cooldown Reduction
Sorcerer StabilityRings, Amulets+X to Invigorating Conduit+X to Frigid Breeze+X to Fiery Surge
Ultimate Efficiency - SorcererRingsRings, AmuletsCasting Ultimate Skills Restores +X Primary ResourceX% Deep Freeze Cooldown ReductionX% Inferno Cooldown ReductionX% Unstable Currents Cooldown Reduction

What is the difference between Tempering and Masterworking?

Tempering and Masterworking are two distinct mechanics introduced in Season 4 to enhance itemization and gear upgrading. Tempering lets you add up to two new affixes to your items. Masterworking is a very late game system that lets you increase the value of affixes on your gear, and that includes any affixes you have added with the Tempering system. 


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