Forget the Steam Summer Sale — The best PC game deals are somewhere else

Stalker 2, Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, and Fallout 4 games on sale.
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The Steam Summer Sale is a great place to grab majorly discounted PC games. However, other digital PC game retailers outside of Steam also tend to drop their prices on various games during this time, which means that the best PC game deals aren't always found on Valve's digital game distribution service. I've taken time to round up the best deals that offered larger discounts and lower prices than Steam Summer Sale. Take a look and see if anything catches your eye. 

For my fellow gaming handheld fans, I've made sure to note whether or not a game can be played on Steam Deck. 😉 


Elden Ring | was $63.99 now $39.69 at CDKeys (Steam) (37% off)

You are Tarnished, a being tasked with growing stronger, defeating powerful enemies, and uniting the shattered pieces of the Elden Ring. This is a very challenging game developed by FromSoftware that will test your gaming skills. Since there are various ways to play, it's one that you can revisit many times. It is Steam Deck Verified.

✅Great for: People who love a challenge and enjoy difficult battles. 

❌ Avoid if: You don't like Soulslike games.

💰Price check: $41.99 at Steam | $41.99 at Humble Bundle

👀 Alternative deal: Shadow of the Erdtree Deluxe Edition $90.89 at CDKeys ($99.99 at Steam)

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: HEART OF CHORNOBYL | was $63.99 now $39.69 at CDKeys (Steam) (37% off)

STALKER 2 releases on Sep. 5, 2024, but even so, preorders for the game are already heavily discounted at CDKeys. This entry takes you to the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone where you'll have to keep your wits about you and have plenty of ammo to survive the horrors that reside within this area. We currently don't know how well this will play on Steam Deck. 

✅Great for: People who enjoy creepy creatures and first-person shooter combat. 

❌ Avoid if: You're not a fan of the survival horror genre.

💰Price check: $59.99 at Steam | $59.99 at GMG | $59.99 at GOG

👀 Alternative deal: Deluxe Edition $50.79 at CDKeys ($79.99 at Steam)

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Hogwarts Legacy | was $63.99 now $19.79 at CDKeys (Steam) (69% off)

You're a new fifth-year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in an era before Harry Potter is born. You'll be able to attend classes, develop various spells, explore the castle, and go flying on a broom while looking for magical creatures and dungeons. There are evil forces afoot and it's up to you to quash their efforts. It is Steam Deck Verified.

✅Great for: Anyone who's wanted to live in the world of Harry Potter and those who like fantasy action RPGs.

❌ Avoid if: You don't like long open-world games.

💰Price check: $23.99 at Steam | $24.00 at GMG | $23.99 at Humble Bundle

👀 Alternative deal: Deluxe Edition $22.99 at CDKeys ($27.99 at Steam)

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Fallout 4 | was $59.99 now $5.79 at CDKeys (Steam) (90% off)

You happened to purchase a place in a fallout shelter just before the bombs fell. However, your child gets taken from you while your in a cryo chamber and when you wake up many many years later, you're desperate to find them. Many people argue that this is the best Fallout entry in the series. This game is Steam Deck Verified

✅Great for: People who like dark humor and the ability to make decisions in games.

❌ Avoid if: You're not interested in another open-world game.

💰Price check: $7.99 at Steam

👀 Alternative deal: Game of the Year Edition $9.69 at  CDKeys ($15.99 at Steam)

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Fallout 76 | was $44.79 now $8.99 at CDKeys (Steam) (79% off)

Fallout 76 shakes things up quite a bit compared to other games in Bethesda's acclaimed series. It's only been 25 years since the bombs fell and you need to stay vigilant to survive in the wasteland or horrors that the bombs left behind. Rather than being a linear experience, this is more of a PVP co-op adventure. It's listed as Steam Deck Playable

✅Great for: People who want to play Fallout games with friends.

❌ Avoid if: You're not into the whole PVP focus of the game. 

💰Price check: $9.99 at Steam

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Sea of Stars | was $46.09 now $18.89 at CDKeys (Steam) (64% off)

This beautifully nostalgic RPG pulls from classic titles like Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger with its gorgeous 16-bit visuals and turn-based combat. It's a fantastic game that we highly recommend to everyone. It's been rather popular since its release having sold over four million copies early on (which is a lot for an indie game). Speaking of, it also won Best Indie Game at the Game Awards 2023. This game is Steam Deck Verified.

✅Great for: Fans of classic pixel-art, turn-based RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG.

❌ Avoid if: You'd rather play a 3D action game.

💰Price check: $24.49 at Steam | $27.99 at Microsoft

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Starfield | was $69.99 now $43.49 at CDKeys (Steam) (43% off)

Bethesda's big space adventure released last year for PC and Xbox Series X|S. So, it's nice to see that it has already dropped a decent amount. You play as a space miner who uncovers a strange rock that gives you ethereal flashes. From there, it's a journey to unravel the possible alien mystery surrounding this material and explore the stars as you see fit. Unfortunately, this game is not supported on Steam Deck.

✅Great for: People who love the idea of space travel and want a game that offers different outcomes. 

❌ Avoid if: You think exploring empty planets will be boring.

💰Price check: $46.89 at Steam | $69.99 at Microsoft

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor | $69.99now $24.29 at CDKeys (Steam) (68% off)

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor | was $69.99 now $24.29 at CDKeys (Steam) (68% off)

Kal Kestis continues his journey as one of the last remaining Jedi in existence after the evil Emperor activated Order 66. You'll fight stormtroopers, challenge foes, and explore familiar locations within the Star Wars universe. This is yet another game that is unsupported on Steam Deck. 

✅Great for: Anyone interested in playing a Star Wars game that's more challenging than most others.

❌ Avoid if: You don't like difficult battles. 

💰Price check: $31.49 at Steam | $69.99 at Epic Games

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Horizon Zero Dawn | $51.19 now $10.19 at CDKeys (Steam) (80% off)

Horizon Zero Dawn | was $51.19 now $10.19 at CDKeys (Steam) (80% off)

Far into the distant future, humankind is struggling to survive against powerful machines that walk the Earth. A young woman named Aloy must journey across the land and learn what happened to the "ancient ones" while taking down enormous mechanical monsters with just a bow and arrow. It's extremely satisfying to play and offers an incredible plot. Not to mention, Horizon Zero Dawn personally helped me make a big life change. It is also Steam Deck Verified

✅Great for: People who like the option of using stealth or straightforward attacks. 

❌ Avoid if: You don't want a lengthy game. 

💰Price check: $12.49 at Steam | $12.49 at GOG | $49.99 at Humble Bundle

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Horizon Forbidden West | $63.99 now $37.79 at CDKeys (Steam) (40% off)

Horizon Forbidden West | was $63.99 now $37.79 at CDKeys (Steam) (40% off)

After the events of the first game, Aloy finds herself traveling west to what we'd call the North American west coast and discovers a whole bunch of powerful new machines and enemies. Equipped with just a bow and arrow (and a few other gadgets), she's tasked with taking down powerful foes and uncovering a plot that threatens the world. Unlike the first game, this sequel is currently unsupported on Steam Deck. 

✅Great for: Fans of the first game who want even more challenges and mechanical foes.

❌ Avoid if: You'd rather not get into a long open-world game right now.

💰Price check: $47.99 at Steam | $47.99 at Humble Bundle

God of War | $51.19 now $21.79 at CDKeys (Steam) (61% off)

God of War | was $51.19 now $21.79 at CDKeys (Steam) (61% off)

Kratos and his son, Atreus, set out in the Viking world to spread the ashes of Atreus' mother. However, the boy has no idea his father is a Greek god with a bloody background that the local Norse gods are warry of. It's an emotional tale that explores the relationship between father and son while dealing with leaving the past behind. In our God of War review, we referred to this game as a pillar of its era and cannot recommend it enough to those who haven't experienced it yet. It is Steam Deck Verified.

✅Great for: People who like action games with a strong narrative and fun combat. 

❌ Avoid if: You don't have time for one of the best games right now. 

💰Price check: $24.99 at Steam | $24.99 at GOG | $49.99 at Humble Bundle

🔎Our Expertise: God of War review

We'll keep our eyes peeled for more great deals

While Steam is definitely the main go-to for many PC gamers, places like CDKeys, Green Man Gaming (GMG), and Humble Bundle can still give you Steam codes at lower prices than Steam itself, so it's good to be aware of any other sales going on. As Steam Summer Sale week continues on, we're likely to see other amazing game deals at various PC gaming retailers. We'll keep an eye out for these discounts and will update this page whenever we find something awesome.

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I've played most of the games on this list and am currently in the middle of some of them. If I hadn't recently bought them already, I'd be itching to get Sea of Stars and Horizon Forbidden West. These are both colorful adventures that allow you to explore and level up your characters. Sea of Stars is, of course, a pixel-art game set in the style of classic Chrono Trigger titles with Mario RPG-style turn-based combat. It's an especially fun game to play on my ROG Ally, Steam Deck, or other gaming handhelds.

Meanwhile, Horizon Forbidden West makes you feel small but powerful in a vast world filled with dangerous machines. You're main weapons are a bow and arrow, but you can aim at weak points and set traps to take down these robots that threaten your life. It's very satisfying when you bring one of these thing crashing down.

Is CDKeys legit?

Yes. CDKeys is a legitimate digital game distributor that often has sales prices that are lower than many of its competitors including Steam. You can even purchase Steam game codes from CDKeys as well as codes for Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation. Just make sure that a code works in your region before making a purchase. 

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