Nightingale platforms: Is the game coming to Xbox and PS5?

Nightingale Xbox Series X and PS5.
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Nightingale is a PVE (player versus environment) survival game set in a gaslamp fantasy world that features plenty of horrific creatures to keep you on your toes. As a means to survive, you're able to craft items, build structures, and wield various weapons including guns while exploring. PC players can experience this eldritch horror shooter adventure solo or with friends in shared-world co-op sooner than initially expected on February 20, 2024, since the early access launch date was moved up by a few days.

We know for certain that Inflexion Games Inc.'s Nightingale is on PC, but what about other platforms? Specifically, is Nightingale coming to Xbox Series X and PS5? What about Xbox Game Pass?

Is Nightingale coming to PS5 and Xbox?

The official Nightingale website states "Nightingale is currently PC only." It is possible that the survival horror game could come to Xbox Series X and PS5 in the future, but that partially depends on how well the game sells and how much bandwidth the developer can put into other platforms. So, for now, PC is your only option for playing Nightingale. 

Is Nightingale on Xbox Game Pass?

No. Nightingale is currently PC only via Steam or Epic Game Store. There are currently no plans to bring it to Xbox Game Pass. 

Is Nightingale on Mac?

No. Nightingale is currently on Windows PC only, so you cannot play it on an Apple laptop or computer (ie. Macbook or iMac).

What is Nightingale about anyway?

The game is set in a fantastic version of the Victorian Era where a major calamity caused the arcane portal network to stop functioning. Because of this, you are stranded in a strange realm. Various portals nearby can be activated to lead you and anyone playing with you to various procedurally generated fae realms where you'll encounter horrific enemies. 

Rather than being a steampunk game, this is a gaslamp fantasy — basically, a genre that focuses on the Victorian, Regency, and Edwardian eras with both fantasy and fiction thrown in. Really, the difference between steampunk and gaslamp fantasy is that the former is sci-fi while the latter is magical. 

Much like this year's other big survival games — Palworld and Enshrouded — Nightingale's main gameplay focuses on PVE battles, base building, material gathering, and item crafting. However, it also throws in a card-collecting aspect; Realm cards influence what kind of realms you can dive into using portals. Mixing certain card combinations will determine what kind of elements and enemies you might bump into. 

You can explore the fae realms on your own as a solo adventure or you can share a world with others. Together, players can build up a base and take on enemies. It's a great way to spend time together while focusing on common goals. 



You've been stranded in a strange realm and must gather materials, craft tools, build facilities, and fight horrific creatures to survive. You can play on your own or with others in a shared-open world with procedurally generated realms.

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