Resident Evil 4 remake: How to deface Ramón's portrait

Leon looking at Ramon's portrait in Resident Evil 4 Remake
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The vendor requests in the Resident Evil 4 Remake are pretty straightforward, shoot some blue medallions, put an end to a rat infestation, and sell some snakes to name a few. I completed most without issue until I came to the request titled Disgrace of the Salazar Family. I puzzled over this one for a good 30 minutes, and the only disgrace was the amount of ammo I wasted trying to complete it. I figured others may have struggled with this quest, so here's a guide so you don't have to suffer as I did.

Request: The Disgrace of the Salazar Family - Deface Ramón's portrait

The quest is detailed as follows:

That detestable Ramón Salazar...  

Even the very sight of his image makes my skin crawl. Do me a service and find some way to deface the
portrait of him in the room shown in the photograph, will you?

I'm not particular about how you do it. Hitting it with something might do the trick. 

The accompanying image with the request is your clue to the location of the portrait, a throne between two large pillars. You should recognize this picture straight away as an area you've already had the pleasure of in a previous cut scene, but to speed things up, it's the Throne Room, shown on the map here:

Throne Room shown on map

Map showing location of the Throne Room on the East of the image (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

You'll need to return to the Throne Room, as shown in the image below. There you will find various portraits and a locked treasure. 

Throne Room

(Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

The treasure in question is a Golden Egg and worth a pretty penny and you should be able to unlock this with your cubed artifact acquired earlier in the game. 

Image showing location of Golden Egg

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Out of the portraits, you'll need to locate Ramón Salazar, the tiny and terrifying man who's been standing on balconies and insulting you throughout your time in the Castle. He's not a great host, and we will be leaving an unfavorable review on Trip Advisor.

In an attempt to deface the painting, I slashed it, with an array of knives. I shot at it, a lot. An embarrassing amount of ammo was wasted as I thought my game must be bugged. This damn painting was unbreakable? Did Nokia assemble this work of art? My brain was scrambled. This request was no yolk.

Only after many resources did I realize, that you can equip and throw an egg. I couldn't clucking believe it. 

Deface Ramon's Painting request in Resident Evil 4 Remake

An eggspertly aimed egg (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

Yes, not only is throwing an egg the solution to this puzzle, there is even one in the same room as the painting. Eggactly where you need it. However, if you don't want to sacrifice the rare golden variety, any egg will do. I had eaten all of mine by this point, Leon really needed his protein. If you have a white or brown egg to hand, this will suffice, and you can keep the treasured golden egg to shell out on something better later.

Inventory in Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Completing all the requests in the game will also net you the achievement Jack of All Trades – Complete all requests from the Merchant. We've a handy guide to all the locations of the requests that you can check out here. As well as:

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Deface Ramon's Painting request in Resident Evil 4 Remake

"This portrait has such deep and poignant eggspression" (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

Enjoy your reward of 4 Spinels, and the joy of leaving Ramón with egg on his face.


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