Best Buy just dropped Xbox Series X to $339 — its lowest price EVER — but ONLY for TODAY

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There's been plenty of sales on the Xbox Series X this year, with discounts through Black Friday and Cyber Monday leading up to the holiday period. However, this latest deal tops them all, with the Xbox Series X available for $339 at Best Buy. Want to grab it? Then you'll need to hurry because it's only good for today. You'll also have to take an extra step and go through the Best Buy app on Android or Apple, as the discount is merely $399 on the regular web store. 

Xbox Series X | $499 now $339 at Best Buy

Xbox Series X | was $499 now $339 at Best Buy

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's higher-end gaming console, delivering top visuals and performance in the latest games. While usually far more expensive than its little brother, the Xbox Series S, Best Buy's deal means you can save more money than ever, provided you use the app.

✅Perfect for: You want to play current-generation Xbox titles at the best quality while saving some money.

❌Avoid it if: You REALLY want to save some more money and get an Xbox Series S instead.

💰Price check: $399.99 at Amazon

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Why grab an Xbox Series X right now?

If you haven't gotten an Xbox Series X yet, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. This console usually is $499, so you can get it for a massive $160 off! That means having a great way to play current-generation games for just a bit more than the usual price of the weaker Xbox Series S. 

While you might still use your Xbox One, support is drying up. Many of the latest games, such as Alan Wake 2 and Starfield, do not play on the older generation of gaming hardware. Even more games are on the way, like Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 and Star Wars: Outlaws.

You can certainly play these games on an Xbox Series S, but that's usually a decision to make when there's a significant price disparity between the two machines. As things are right now, you can get an Xbox Series S for just $30 more than a regularly priced Xbox Series S. Even considering some discounts we've seen putting the Xbox Series S at $249, it's an easy choice to go for the higher-end machine.

If you take advantage of this deal, just be sure to download the Best Buy app through the Google Play Store or Apple and use that. Again, you won't find this hefty discount just going through the usual online store, where the console is available for a decent but not incredible $399. 

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