I bought this revolutionary Xbox controller at the lowest price we've ever seen it — here's why you should too

I needed a new controller for my Xbox Series X and fortunately the Cyber Monday sales have come up in a clutch. Why's that? I've been able to score the revolutionary GameSir G7 SE complete with hall effect sticks and triggers for the lowest price we've seen on it so far. At this price, buying this over a regular Microsoft controller is an absolute no-brainer. 

GameSir G7 SEwas $49.99now $38.99 at Newegg

GameSir G7 SE | was $49.99 now $38.99 at Newegg

The first Xbox licensed controller to come with hall effect analog sticks and triggers, the GameSir G7 SE stands in a class of its own. It's built well, hall effect means added longevity, you can swap out the faceplates and even remap buttons and tweak the settings with a pretty nifty companion app. And right now it's cheaper than we've ever seen it. 

GameSir G7 SEwas £49.99now £39.99 at Amazon UK

GameSir G7 SE | was £49.99 now £39.99 at Amazon UK

Brits aren't left out of the fun, with a cool £10 discount on the G7 SE at Amazon right now, albeit exclusive to Prime members. 

✅Perfect for: Literally anyone buying an Xbox controller.

❌Avoid it if: You want a wireless controller.

💰Price check: $44.99 at Amazon

🔍Our experience: GameSir G7 SE review

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The first Xbox controller of its kind

The GameSir G7 SE is the first Xbox controller to use hall effect sticks and triggers.  (Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

The GameSir G7 SE launched as the first Xbox Series X|S controller to have both hall effect sticks and triggers. Xbox's own Elite controller has the latter, but in this you're getting both. For significantly less money, I might add. 

But why should you care? As our own Jennifer Young points out in her full explainer on hall effect controllers, it's just better. 

Hall Effect joysticks are a type of joysticks that use magnets and electrical conductors to measure their position, distance, and movement when in use. Unlike standard analog sticks, which use electrical resistance to detect movement, Hall Effect joysticks have no physical contact between the moving parts. This means that they do not wear out easily, and they do not develop stick drift, which is a common pain point for gamers. Stick drift is when the stick starts to behave unpredictably and causes unwanted movement in your game.

Jennifer Young, Windows Central

The only drawback for some will be that it's wired, like basically all third-party controllers are currently. Personally, I'm terrible at keeping things charged, so I like that it's wired. I also like that it has some customizable rear buttons, so I can map my Division 2 mantle and reload controls to the back.

As we found in our GameSir G7 SE review, the companion app to help you customize your profiles is pretty good, as well as being available on Xbox and PC. 

Unless you absolutely 100% need a wireless controller, this seems a no-brainer, especially at this price. The sticks and triggers are better, it's a well-built, good-looking controller, and it's going to last longer. I can't wait for mine to arrive, and if you want to join me, you'll have to act fast before Cyber Monday ends. 

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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