The best small tablet for Xbox Cloud Gaming is 28% off for Prime Day

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I'm a big fan of Xbox cloud gaming, which thanks to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings the biggest and best Xbox titles onto any device. The big drawback of Xbox Cloud Gaming, for me, is that most Xbox games are designed from the ground up for larger displays like TVs. As a result, playing these cloud games on smaller screens like phones can be a vaguely annoying experience, but thankfully, there are some great devices out there that can skirt the half-way point between portability and usability. 

Say hi to the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. This small tablet is just 8.7", making it highly mobile while also giving you more screen real estate for cloud gaming. It's also small enough to fit many of the larger best mobile controllers for Xbox cloud gaming like the GameSir X2. 

For Amazon Prime Day, this mini tablet is down to just $115, from its usual $160 price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite | $115 at Amazon (was $160)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite | $115 at Amazon (was $160)

While you won't be doing any high-end native gaming on this lower-end tablet, it's great for streaming, making it the perfect intersection between portability and usability for anyone wanting to do cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass. 

Lamicall Tablet Bed Mount | $20 at Amazon (was $25)

Lamicall Tablet Bed Mount | $20 at Amazon (was $25)

My favorite thing to do is pair up tablets with this Lamicall bed mount, for maximum Xbox cloud gaming laziness while lying down. Mount this above your bed, stick your Galaxy Tab A7 into it, pair up your Xbox controller, and boom, MAXIMUM laziness. 

Until Microsoft shifts gears and makes its very own cloud-based Xbox handheld with a larger display, navigating the wide world of mini-tablets and phone clips is the next-best option we have right now. 

I use a Galaxy Z Fold 3 as my primary Xbox cloud gaming device, but it's tough to recommend a folding phone that retails for up to $2000 dollars if all you want to use it for is Xbox cloud gaming. To that end, the 8.7" Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the next best option. 

This sits between the Galaxy Tab A at 8" and the Galaxy Tab A7 at 10.4", making it the best of both worlds for those who want something perhaps a little larger but still small and portable enough to fit into a backpack. The larger display makes it ideal for cloud gaming, as well as ebooks, comics, video streaming apps like Netflix, and lighter-weight native mobile games like Genshin Impact. 

The fact this tablet also has a USB-C port right in the center makes it a good option for some of the larger mobile controller clamps like the GameSir X2. although I typically prefer to pair mine with an accessory like the Lamicall gooseneck mount and a regular Xbox controller as seen above so I can commit maximum laziness in bed. It can also be a decent second screen for a Windows laptop too if you use an app like SpaceDesk. 

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