The Xbox Series X Diablo 4 edition that could have been is real and I want it

Custom made Diablo 4 Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Rhykker - Diablo Content Creator)

What you need to know

  • A popular Diablo content creator received a mysterious package in the mail, and has been teasing what may be inside the box.
  • Inside the package was a custom-painted Diablo 4 Xbox Series X, controller and accessories to display the console.

Amongst the chaos of the Activision Blizzard acquisition news cycle, in the weeks leading up to the launch of Diablo 4, the rumor mill was in force of a Diablo 4 Xbox bundle and my imagination was working overtime as to what that would look like. i absolutely would have purchased whatever Xbox managed to put together but when  it came to the official announcement I was left whelmed. It was just an Xbox Series X with the game bundled in. What a missed opportunity.

Whilst my bank account breathed a sigh of relief, my dreams of the first Xbox Series X console special edition being my favorite franchise were dashed. Those dreams have been somewhat realized today though, as one of, if not the biggest Diablo 4 content creators on the scene has received a beautiful Xbox showing us what could have been. Feast your eyes on this.

Custom made Diablo 4 Xbox Series X

The package Rhykker received contained a custom painted Xbox Series X and controller (Image credit: Rhykker - Diablo Content Creator)

Rhykker teased the package in a tweet yesterday, with a coy "What's in the box" and while I anticipated something Diablo related I didn't expect it to be a custom-painted Xbox Series X. And a thing of beauty it is. With Lilith's visage and the Diablo 4 logo emblazoned across the console, it sits on the black backdrop of the Xbox Series X beautifully and just goes to show how good a special edition would have looked.

The controller has a red faceplate and branches painted across the shell not unlike the branches of the Tree of Whispers, a good source for quests and treasures in the game. You can see the full tweet and Rhykker's photos below, in which he shows the other goodies in the package, which look to resemble the Gates of Hell and a bloodied Cathedral of Light medallion.

The Diablo 4 Collectors Box which unlike this, was publically available, had a similar vibe and array of devious items, in fact I sold my soul to buy it and I'd do it again — and people like me are sat with wallets waiting if Xbox had wanted to do anything special.

UPDATE: Rhykker uploaded a picture of the Xbox set up in it's full glory, and the Hell Gate is actually a cradle provided to display this epic console. Sent by Xbox Canada the whole set looks right at home with the Candle of Creation (my favorite part of the collectors box).

(Image credit: Rhykker)

Will we ever get an Xbox Special Edition console?

Xbox certainly don't shy away from creativity when it comes to its controllers, but Special Edition consoles for this generation have been thin on the ground. We've only had the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite edition which was nigh on impossible to get hold of due to scalpers, and while Starfield fans have speculated about a potential Starfield console being in production, the rumors have never come to fruition. Xbox social media love to tease us with amazing custom consoles such as the Barbie Dreamhouse Xbox Series S but these haven't been retail and specially created for competitions. Boo.

There's certainly good reason for the drought, as Xbox are still struggling to stock the standard Xbox Series X in the first place, so it probably isn't possible for them to start pumping out specially crafted consoles for our consumption, but I can dream that one day, perhaps when the Activision Blizzard deal is finally over the finish line, that we will get a Diablo 4 console. With the launch of the all-black Series S coming next month, having a white and black edition leaves them perfectly poised to make a Lilith and Inarius edition.


We could have two Diablo 4 editions (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

Perhaps if Diablo 4 ever makes it to Game Pass this could be the celebration? The white Inarius edition is for casual gamers who want heavenly cloud gaming and minimal storage. The all-black Xbox Series Lilith has 1TB for storing all that extra Hatred.

For now though, we'll just have to look on longingly at Rhykkers custom Xbox, and hope that one day Xbox will get more creative with its bundles. 

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