xScreen for Xbox Series S sees its first-ever discount

xScreen for Xbox Series S
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People these days are spoiled for choice when it comes to gaming on the go. You can stream games to your phone through Xbox Cloud Gaming, play games locally on the Steam Deck, or jump over to the Nintendo side of things and play on a Switch. Logitech and Razer both have new handhelds on the way as well. But what if you want to use your existing Xbox Series S for portable gaming? That's where xScreen comes in.

xScreen is a 1080p display that attaches to your Xbox Series S, allowing you to play games anywhere you have a power supply. When not in use, it can close, making your gaming setup look like a large laptop. The xScreen matches the color of the Xbox Series S, which is a nice touch.

With simple assembly and support for HDMI-CEC, it's easy to get started with the xScreen. While it has a lot going for it, the display only earned a 3.5/5 in our xScreen review.

xScreen for Xbox Series S |$250$200

<a href="https://upspecgaming.co.uk/" data-link-merchant="upspecgaming.co.uk"">xScreen for Xbox Series S | $250 $200

The xScreen is a detachable display that fits perfectly with the Xbox Series S. It can close like a laptop and fits in a carrying case (sold separately), allowing you to play console games anywhere you have a power supply.

Our Ben Wilson said that "the most significant downside to the xScreen is its price." He pointed out that the normal retail price of the xScreen ($250) is only $50 cheaper than a brand-new Xbox Series S. Wilson even went as far as to say that the device is "tremendously expensive."

The current discount on the xScreen softens the blow of the price tag a bit. $50 is enough to get one of the best Xbox games or several months of Xbox Game Pass.

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