Best Buy has a new bundle offer for console gamers who also need a new TV. For $499.98, you can get an Xbox One combined with a 50-inch Sharp smart HDTV.

Xbox One

Here's the skinny. Best Buy is first giving buyers a way to pick one of three Xbox One consoles and free game bundles for $249.99. One gives gamers a free copy of Gears of War Ultimate Edition, and one offers the white Xbox One with a free Quantum Break copy. The final Xbox One choice is the Name Your Game Bundle, which lets you select a free game from four choices: Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 6 and Rare Replay.

Once that selection is made, you can get that Xbox One console bundled with the Sharp 50-inch smart HDTV, with its Roku-based UI for all your streaming video needs. Normally, the TV sells for $429.99 and on its own it is on sale for $349.99. Even with that price cut on both the TV and the current $50 discount on the 500GB Xbox One, buyers will still save about $100 with this TV-console combo.

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