7 last-minute stocking stuffers I JUST bought for my tech-loving family and gamer friends (because I'm bad at Xmas shopping)

Are we already nearing the end of December? The last time I checked my calendar, it said November, but Black Friday might have triggered some deal-related trauma, and I didn't want to think about buying anything. Well, too bad for me because I have teenage relatives and video game-loving friends eagerly awaiting holiday gifts from me, the guy tasked with buying the coolest tech gifts starting with a month of Game Pass Ultimate for $16.99 at Best Buy. Here's everything I picked for buzzer-beating online and in-store gift orders.

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  1. Game Pass Ultimate 1-month: $16.99 at Best Buy
  2. Cable Guy (Halo): now $19.99 at Target
  3. Steam Wallet $20 gift card: $20 at Best Buy
  4. Xbox lounge pants: $24.70 at Walmart
  5. Windows 11 Pro: $24.97 at Stack Social
  6. Series X replica 8-can fridge: $39.97 at Walmart
  7. Turtle Beach Atom for Android: $59.99 at Best Buy

Last-minute stocking stuffers

1. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1-month) | $14.99 at Amazon

1. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1-month) | $14.99 at Amazon

Gift ALL the games

If they have an Xbox console, gaming PC/laptop, or smartphone, Game Pass Ultimate immediately unlocks access to several hundred titles. Safer than picking up a boxed game from the shelf, no gamer would turn down this month-long subscription.

💰Price check: $16.99 at Best Buy

2. Cable Guy: Master Chief (Halo) | $29.99now $19.99 at Target

2. Cable Guy: Master Chief (Halo) | was $29.99 now $19.99 at Target

Keep it tidy

Designed for Xbox controllers, these little fellas hold your joypad aloft and look great doing it. Featuring Master Chief, the protagonist from the world-renowned Halo games, it's a perfect gift that'll be useful for years to come.

💰Price check: $19.99 at Amazon

3. Steam Wallet $20 gift card | $20 at Best Buy

3. Steam Wallet $20 gift card | $20 at Best Buy

PC gaming paradise

$20 of credit towards the premier digital game store for PCs, laptops, and portable gaming consoles like Steam Deck is perfect for the current Winter Sale. Get this if you know they prefer PC gaming.

💰Price check: $20 at Amazon

4. Xbox Lounge Pants | $24.70 at Walmart

4. Xbox Lounge Pants | $24.70 at Walmart

Stay cozy while AFK

Made of 100% cotton and available in S to XXL, these are the perfect option for stuffing your face with as much turkey as you can handle while temporarily away from video games.

💰Price check: $26.99 at Amazon

5. Windows 11 Pro | $199 now $24.97 at Stack Social

5. Windows 11 Pro | was $199 now $24.97 at Stack Social

"Why is Windows so expensive?"

I get asked this almost whenever I meet with friends or family. Well, guess what? Now you can enjoy BitLocker encryption and all the other perks of Windows 11 Professional for a rock-bottom price without stealing it leaving it unregistered.

💰Price check: $64.99 at Mr Key Shop

6. Xbox Series X replica 8-can mini fridge | $88now $39.97 at Walmart

6. Xbox Series X replica 8-can mini fridge | was $88 now $39.97 at Walmart

Chilled-out Xbox

It started as a joke; the Series S looks like a toaster, and the Series X is like a fridge. Some jokes turn into something better, and this console-shaped drinks cooler is equal parts practical and quirky.

💰Price check: $99.99 at Target

7. Turtle Beach Atom for Android | $79.99 now $59.95 at Amazon

7. Turtle Beach Atom for Android | was $79.99 now $59.95 at Amazon

"Got any games on your phone?"

You'll be asked this by most younger relatives when visiting the family, and our Turtle Beach Atom review scores it as the 'perfect Xbox Cloud Gaming controller' to solve that problem. Essentially, your Android phone becomes a portable console with this killer add-on.

💰Price check: $59.99 at Best Buy

There's still time to score the perfect gifts

Last-minute stocking stuffers at Windows Central

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I'm usually more prepared for the holidays, honestly. For the most part, buying Xmas gifts is straightforward enough; I walk into a shopping mall and let them sell me stuff.

However, most gamers I know won't settle for knock-off merchandise and are rarely happy to unwrap the same game three times in a row because someone's parents just asked for the 'most popular new release.'

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tops my recommendation because it works across multiple platforms, whether with the console, a PC, or even streaming games from Microsoft's cloud via a smartphone. However, if you're certain your expecting recipient is a dedicated PC-only gamer, stick with the $20 Steam gift card and let them choose something from the Steam Winter Sale.

If you're heading in-store to use click-and-collect orders, check your My Best Buy or Walmart Plus membership perks to see if you can save a little extra cash. Then again, stepping into a brick-and-mortar store the last week before Christmas might harm your sanity, but time's running out to place online orders!

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