Your PC is a powerful machine, be it a desktop tower or notebook, but with some handy accessories you can really take your computing experience to a whole new level. It's Cyber Monday, which means there are tech deals across a wide range of accessories now on and Amazon has discounted its collection of products by up to 30%. This promotion covers laptop sleeves, tripods, adapters, cables, and more.

Kit Out Your PC

Save up to 30% on Amazon-branded PC accessories

Your PC can do many things, but sometimes you may not have an Ethernet port or only a few USB ports. This is where these handy AmazonBasics accessories come into play.

This PC accessory collection includes cables to hook up your PC to a monitor or console to a TV via HDMI and DisplayPort. These are reliable and will work well in-game or if you fancy being a little productive before the year is out.

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For laptop owners, we've got Amazon sleeves like this fine 13-inch example. The retail giant even has its own branded UPS that will enable you to continue using a device or few even if your house loses power altogether.

Check out the full collection of PC accessories to see if there's anything you need for your setup.

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