Monoprice's new Zero-G 32" curved WQHD monitor is already on sale, $50 off

Monoprice Monitor
Monoprice Monitor (Image credit: Monoprice)

For companies, there's nary a more competitive time of the year than November. Million- and billion-dollar corporate entities are going for each other's throats while clawing, like ravenous wolves, at consumers' wallets. There's no telling if Monoprice is caught up in the aforementioned riffraff with its week-one deal on its brand-new 32" curved WQHD monitor. All we know for certain is that Monoprice has chosen November to launch a product, and put it on sale within the same week of said launch.

This monitor packs two DisplayPorts, two HDMI 2.0 ports, a 2560x1440p (WQHD) resolution display, 165Hz refresh rate, and a 6ms response time (that last item isn't a sexy selling point in a lot of cases, as gamers typically look for sub-5ms response times, all the way down to 1ms for the absolute fastest input recognition). The screen also sports a 1500R curvature.

Monoprice's monitor will set you back $279 if you grab it now, though it'll go back up to $329 shortly. So, if you like what you're reading, chop-chop, it's time to empty that pocketbook.

Save $50 on your next screen

Zero-G 32" curved WQHD monitor

Zero-G 32" curved WQHD monitor

It has ports, a 165Hz refresh rate, a 6ms response time, and a 2560x1440p (WQHD) resolution. Grab it now to save $50.

Perhaps you're not digging the specs presented on Monoprice's offering and would rather check out other options. You're in luck, because the best gaming monitors offer a wide variety of options designed to suit everyone's needs. Whether you want a monitor that's under $200, or features a 1ms response time and 4K resolutions, all your requests will be met by some monitor manufacturer that's managed to score a spot on the afore-linked roundup.

Keep checking back here for more deals, as monitor savings are far, far from over so long as Black Friday and Cyber Monday loom over the horizon.

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