Cyber Monday is here! A consumer holiday so evil it doesn't even pretend to be a tradition. Did I say evil? Well, I actually meant awesome! It's even more awesome if you're in the market for epic deals on storage since this truly mammoth Seagate 8TB Game Drive Hub is now on sale, ideal for storing all those Black Friday backlog games you purchased but may never actually end up playing!

Seagate Game Drive HubSource: Windows Central

I actually have one of these bad boys myself, filled to the brim with the hundreds of games I have on Xbox One. Ironically, I tend to use it more to transfer games between consoles more than anything, but this hub is pretty much good for any type of storage need you may have. Whether it's PS4, Xbox, PC, or anything USB-compatible in between, this powered drive hasn't steered me wrong in the several years I've had it, and it's now on sale for one of its lowest prices ever.

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$40 cheaper for Cyber Monday, the Game Drive Hub is sleek and sexy (as HDDs go anyway), and if nothing else, would make a fine Christmas gift for a storage-hungry loved one this holiday season. What are you waiting for? Let's all bask in the neon glow of unsustainable capitalism together! Together, with more storage!

Mammoth storage

Seagate Game Drive Hub 8TB

$140 $180 $40 off

If you hate having to reinstall games, consider the mammoth 8TB Game Drive Hub from Seagate, $40 off the usual asking price for Black Friday.

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