Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made an appearance this week at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference and he demoed a number of Microsoft features aimed at business customers. The demos included showing off what he called an "iPhone Pro," which was loaded with Microsoft-created apps.

Nadella emphasized that the iPhone that he used in the demo was not his, but he showed how Apple's smartphone can be loaded with apps like Outlook, Skype and many others. He also used a Surface Pro 3 and a Windows Phone as well to show off other Microsoft-based apps and services.

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iPhone Pro

Nadella did have some issues on stage with using Cortana. He asked Cortana "Show me my most at-risk opportunities" but instead it offered information on the "most milk opportunities." He gave up after two more attempts but managed to get the info he really wanted with help from an assistant. You can check out the entire Salesforce speech at the company's website.

Source: Salesforce