Save $20 on Logitech's G815 LightSync mechanical gaming keyboard at Newegg

Logitech G815 Keyboard
Logitech G815 Keyboard

The Logitech G815 LightSync RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is down to $179.99 at Newegg. This is a price we have seen it reach at a couple retailers, but only Newegg has it right now. The same keyboard is $200 on Amazon. Best Buy is pretty close, but it's still $182 there. There are three versions of the G815, but only the GL Clicky switches are on sale. The versions with GL Tactile and GL Linear switches are still going for $200 or more.

Logitech G815 LightSync RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

Logitech G815 LightSync RGB mechanical gaming keyboard

Only the GL Clicky mechanical switches are on sale. Offers low-profile mechanical switches for speed, accuracy, and performance. LightSync is Logitech's RGB system that can sync with other devices. Built for durability and with customizable keys.

The G815 is a keyboard that Logitech announced a little over a year ago. Since then it has mostly sold for around $200, and it's actually the budget version of the lineup since the G915 goes for $250. We haven't seen either of these keyboards in price very often, either.

The G815 has a lot of great features, but it all starts with the mechanical switches. These are low profile switches designed for speed, accuracy, and precision. They are half the height of normal switches, which helps with the responsiveness. Plus the GL Clicky version offers you a distinctive sound with every key press along with tactile feedback that lets you know you hit the key.

Logitech's LightSync tech is pretty cool, too. This is the same sort of customizable RGB you'll find in other PC peripehrals. You'll be able to pick your favorite colors, create some neat effects, and choose from more than 16 million color options. With LightSync, though, you can actually synchronize the light with other Logitech gear and some third-party stuff. RGB lighting is cool, but have you tried an in-sync RGB light extravaganza?

The keyboard is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for both rigidity and durability. And it has five dedicated G-keys. These are just additional keys on the keyboard aside from all the normal ones. You can program them with custom macros or set them to execute certain commands based on the game or the app you're using.

The keyboard also has USB 2.0 pass-through for hooking up something else like a mouse or a flash drive. There are dedicated media controls, too. Use Logitech's G hub software to customize everything mentioned above.

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