Save $60 and see who's at the door with Eufy's 2K video doorbell

Eufy Home Security Base
Eufy Home Security Base (Image credit: Amazon)

Time for a little home security. Amazon has the Eufy Security 2K video doorbell along with its HomeBase on sale for $139.99. That's a great discount and $60 off what it would normally go for. We haven't seen it drop this low directly in more than a year, either, so now's as good a time as any to start thinking about keeping your home safe.

In fact, this deal is just one of several from Eufy Security going on in this larger Amazon sale. This is one of Amazon's daily deals, of course, so the prices are only good through the end of the day. Still you have a chance to build a great security system with things like this 5-piece Alarm Kit on sale for $40 off its regular price. Get exactly what you need while you can.

Eufy 2K Video Doorbell and HomeBase | $60 off

Eufy 2K Video Doorbell and HomeBase | $60 off

Take part in Eufy's one-day sale on Amazon and save in a number of ways, including $60 off this 2K video doorbell that's smart enough to tell human from non-human and let you know when you have guests.

This is a battery-powered video doorbell, but it can be hardwired if you want and comes with all the necessary tools to make it work either way. When run on battery power, the doorbell can last for half a year on a single charge, which means less maintenance for you. Of course, if hardwwired it gets continuous power but is definitely harder to set up initially.

The doorbell records in 2k resolutions so you get crystal clear images and video. It has a 4:3 aspect ratio and can capture everything in front of it, including a full-body view of visitors. Plus the built-in A.I. is smart enough to detect the difference betwween a human and a non-human so you aren't getting sent false alerts because a car sped by the road in front of your house.

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