Right now you can grab yourself a copy of Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox One for just $30 at Amazon. The game ships within a month or two, but for this price, the wait is worth it. Building upon the previous generations of the game, Grand Theft Auto V adds some new gameplay mechanics, upgraded graphics and more.

Not sure if this is a game for you? From our review:

Never before seen in a Grand Theft Auto game, GTA V now has a first-person mode that encompasses each and everything you can do in the game. Shooting, driving, walking, riding a bike, and the, ahem, experiences with the ladies of the night. All of these can be experienced through the eyes of Franklin, Trevor, or Michael.

The new perspective adds an entirely new dimension to the game. Big shootouts feel more natural in first-person mode, while driving becomes more difficult than ever. It seems to be easier to dodge traffic and pull off wicked drifts, but visibility is beyond poor.

Keep in mind you will have to wait a month or two to receive the game, but if you have the time to wait you can score a great deal on it.

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