If you're eagerly awaiting more news on Microsoft's secretive Project Scorpio, you can now mark your calendars. Microsoft announced today that its E3 Xbox briefing will kick off at 2 p.m. PT on Sunday, June 11. And judging by the image accompanying the announcement, we're expecting Scorpio news to be the headliner.

You'll recall E3 2016 as the venue for Microsoft's initial Scorpio announcement, so it's only fitting that it once again serves as an outlet for more details (which have been fairly sparse) on the forthcoming console. Who knows, maybe we'll even get our first look at Scorpio in the flesh or, possibly, a final name for the next Xbox. In any case, June 11 is a long ways away and there's plenty of time for speculation in the meantime.

Everything we know about the next Xbox: Project Scorpio