Seagate is adding 14TB capacity hard drives to its most popular series

Seagate's new Guardian series introduces 14TB capacity hard drives to the already popular Barracuda (opens in new tab), IronWolf (opens in new tab), and SkyHawk (opens in new tab) hard drives. These drives only go up to 12TB at the moment, but the 14TB version will be available soon.

Each series is designed for a different purpose. The Barracuda Pro is the one most fit for consumer-level use. If you have a lot of music or movies or video games and need a place to keep it all, these are the drives you want. Compared to the regular Barracuda series (opens in new tab), the Barracuda Pro is faster, has a higher capacity, has a longer warranty, and also comes with a Rescue Data Recovery Plan. We have seen many deals on these hard drives in the past, and the 14TB will probably join them on the deal scene soon enough.

The IronWolf series, which also includes a regular (opens in new tab) and Pro version (opens in new tab), is designed a little differently. It comes with software like Health Management and Seagate's AgileArray, which is designed to reduce errors in the drive due to vibrations. The IronWolf hard drives are meant to be used with a network-attached storage device like the Synology DS218+ (opens in new tab). As part of a media server like that, the IronWolf hard drives can transfer tons of data safely, be accessed by multiple users, and keep everything protected.

The SkyHawk series (opens in new tab) is designed for always-on recording systems namely security and surveillance. The 14TB version will support up to 64 different HD cameras, 16 A.I. streams, and a workload of 550TB per year. It uses software like ImagePerfect to ensure there are zero dropped frames. These are hard drives designed for more advanced uses.

There's no word on the availability of the 14TB drives just yet, but the smaller capacities are already available.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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  • I will never need this much space but that doesn't mean I dont want two of these sitting in my NAS box. One to store, one to mirror.
  • right! they'll go bad before you even fill them up 1/10 of the space!
  • People said the same thing about "16MB of RAM!". Never say never, one day our watches or equivilant will have this or larger.
  • Compatible with xbox one x????
  • 14TB that's almost infinite storage space for most people (right now) lol...
    Course that will change when 8K becomes the norm... although I'm not sure many people will be even able to tell the difference with 1080p, 4K and 8K... as the younger generations growing up need glasses at an early age (that's what happens when you use a smartphone as a replacement for parenting - more and more young parents are using their smartphones to placate their kids and that is just disheartening).