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What you need to know

  • Steam's Autumn Sale 2019 is now live.
  • This seasonal sale slashes the price on a ton of PC games through December 3.
  • Steam is also collecting nominations for the 2019 Steam Awards.

You can practically set your watch by Steam's seasonal sales at this point, and its latest, the Steam Autumn Sale, is now live. As usual, this sale is packed to the gills with deals on PC games across Steam's digital storefront.

There are far too many discounts to list here. However, there are some standouts. Gears 5, for example, had its price cut in half, bringing it down to just $30. Meanwhile, Cities Skylines is only $7.50, while Rage 2 is $19.79.

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The Steam Autumn Sale is set to run through December 3, so you've got a week to take advantage of the discounts. Steam is also taking submissions for the 2019 Steam Awards if you feel like making your choices known.

For more, you can see all of what's on offer, and potentially kill your gaming backlog, at Steam.