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Stream in 4K and upgrade your audio with Roku's Streambar on sale for $80

Roku Soundbar With Remote
Roku Soundbar With Remote

The Roku Streambar is relatively new in the Roku lineup, and we have only seen it go on sale maybe once before. Right now you can head on over to the Roku website (opens in new tab) and get it for an all-time low of $79.99. This is a $130 device, so you're saving $50 and getting it straight from the manufacturer. That's a huge discount if you consider its upgrade, the Streambar Pro, is nearly $100 more now.

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More than just a sound bar, this device also has full access to Roku's smart platform with 4K and HDR content. Upgrade everything about how you watch TV with one simple device down to its lowest price.

You can do so much with the Roku Streambar that it's more than just a simple audio device. It's actually a full Roku media streaming device just with that extra audio pop. Stream all your favorite shows and movies in resolutions up to 4K. It even has HDR support so you can really make the image quality shine.

Of course, it wouldn't be a great sound bar without great audio. Roku's device has four internal speakers that can fill a room. They support Dolby Audio that boosts your volume and offers crisp dialogue you'll always be able to hear. The Roku OS can even do some funky things with audio, making the sound that comes from this bar much larger than the device itself. It will even automatically lower the sound of loud commercials and boost the sound of voices over music so you hear every detail you want and none of the details you don't want.

Roku also makes it really easy to setup. Just plug it in, connect to the internet, and let the device do the rest. Once you're connected, you can use the included Roku voice remote to control everything. Power on your TV, adjust the volume, and search for your favorite streams all with simple vocal commands.

You can even connect to the device via Bluetooth so you can stream music from your phone. Add onto your speaker system later with Roku's subwoofer or wireless speakers and create a real home audio system.

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