Amazon Prime Day is here across the world, and in the United States, you can now grab a pair of Surface Headphones for just $189.99. That's almost 50% off the original asking price of $349.99 when they were first launched. We love the Surface Headphones here at Windows Central, and absolutely cannot recommend them enough for anyone who's looking for a premium pair of over ear headphones with noise cancelling and AI capabilities.

Premium audio

Surface Headphones

Surface design and quality audio meet.

The Surface Headphones bring outstanding sound to your PC or smartphone with some intelligent features that separate them from the competition. While noise cancellation isn't the best, the headset is still excellent.

Surface Headphones include touch controls and dials on each side. The touch area controls play, pause and skip commands with single, double, and triple taps. The dials surrounding each control either the volume or noise cancellation. What makes the Surface Headphones unique is the ability to reverse the noise cancellation, allowing you to listen to things happening outside of the headphones louder, without having to take off the headphones at all.

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Anyone who works behind a computer (Mac or PC) and who wants to switch to their smartphone without fiddling dynamically should get these. The Surface Headphones are great for listening to music on PC, taking a call on an iPhone, and then going right back to work. Bose can do this as well, but Sony's pair with only one device.

We absolutely recommend the Surface Headphones at this low price. We don't think you're going to see them going for any lower anytime soon, so if you've been holding off getting a pair, now is the best time to do that. Will you be buying Surface Headphones?

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