Surface Pro 7+ and Type Cover bundle deal will save you up to $229 right now

Surface Pro 7 2021 Screen
Surface Pro 7 2021 Screen (Image credit: Windows Central)

Been hungry for a Surface Pro 7+ and Type Cover but don't have the funds for such an expense? Well, good news: Microsoft is slashing the bundled price of the pair by a not-insubstantial sum of $229, bringing the bundle's starting price down to $699 if you forget all about whatever pesky sales tax may apply to you.

Now, the key is to remember this bundle starts at $699, meaning you're not going to get the best config possible at that price. You'll score a Pro 7+ with an Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. Should you want to dole out $100 more, you can upgrade to an Intel Core i5 while maintaining the same SSD and RAM values.

When buying the bundle, you'll also be offered a plethora of add-ons. Should you want something like a Surface Pen or Arc Mouse injected into your order, you can snag them at a discounted rate as well.

Surface Pro 7+ and Type Cover

Surface Pro 7+ and Type Cover

Save up to $229

You can save big money on a Surface Pro 7+ if you want to get it bundled with its Type Cover. Plus, you can score accessories at a discounted price as the cherry on top.

When we reviewed the Pro 7+, we cited its raw speed (relative to other Surface devices), respectable battery life, and general design as gains for the machine. So if these aspects are compelling enough to make you want to hop aboard the Surface train, now's as good a time as any, especially since you'll potentially have an extra $229 remaining to do with whatever you'd like. You could pocket that money away for a rainy day, or even go out and spend it on something like a couple Xbox Series X controllers if you need a set for gaming with friends.

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