The Logitech MX Ergo advanced wireless trackball mouse is down to $73.79 on Amazon. The Ergo has been selling for around $76 since mid November, but it was selling up to $79 for months before that. This is the best price we've ever seen.

Read Windows Central's review of this mouse. The reviewer calls it "the best mouse I've ever used." Trackball mice require less wrist and arm movement than a regular mouse, so they can relieve a lot of that strain you feel after using a mouse for a long period of time. The Ergo says it requires 20% less muscular strain to use. It has an adjustable hinge that lets you change the trackball angle up to 20 degrees for a more natural position.

Its unique shape gives your hand full palm and finger support with a comfortable grip on the soft rubber top. It has advanced optical tracking and the ability to switch between tracking for speed and tracking for precision. The battery can last up to four months on a single charge, and you can get a full day of use from just one minute of charging. Users give it 4.3 stars based on 509 reviews.

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