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If you're looking for some high-quality music streaming, Tidal's got your number this Black Friday. New subscribers can take advantage of a deal through Dec. 3 that gets you four months of the streaming music service for just 99 cents for its "Premium" package, or $1.99 for four months of its "HiFi" service.

That's a savings of nearly $40 for the Premium joint, and a whopping $80 for HiFi.

Once the four-month period is up, you can continue your subscription for $10 a month for Premium, and $20 a month for HiFi. And as always, Tidal offers 50 percent discounts for students, 40 percent for military and first-responders, and family accounts of $15 a month for Premium, and $30 a month for HiFi.

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This one's also available in the UK — it'll run you £0.99 for Premium and £1.99 for HiFi. Same goes in the EU, with four months for €0.99 for Premium and €1.99 for HiFi.

Tidal is available on pretty much any piece of hardware at this point, including Android and iOS devices, desktop computers, and all kinds of other audio hardware with direct integration.

Black Friday Deals!


Hi-fi on the cheap

Tidal's claim to fame is that it's owned by the artists — and offers streaming music at a higher quality than other services. And this Black Friday deal gets you four months of it on the chceap.

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