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According to CEO Glenn Britt, Time Warner Cable could well be in talks with Apple, Microsoft and Samsung regarding potential streaming video partnerships, similar to the pact it has with Roku. The broadcaster released a TWC TV app on Roku devices that enables subscribers to stream numerous cable channels. It would make sense for the company to be in talks with Microsoft, especially with the Xbox One announced and on the way.

The Time Warner Cable CEO was in talks with investors at the Bank of America Merill Lynch Global Telecom and Media Conference today. A potential deal with Microsoft would ensure that subscribers using the new Xbox One (as well as other hardware running Microsoft operating systems) would have access to a wide selection of content.

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Microsoft made a point about live TV and the new Xbox One in its presentation and we're sure it's in the company's best interests to sign as many deals as possible and get as much content streamed to the new console. Don't worry if you're not a fan of TV, though - we're sure Microsoft will have some games available at console launch.

Source: FierceCable