Watch out for deceptive Surface 'sales' ahead of Prime Day

Surface Pro 7 2021 Profile
Surface Pro 7 2021 Profile (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Prime Day is next week, and devices like the Surface Pro 7 will likely be listed as on sale.
  • It's important to take a look at the price history of devices to see if you're actually getting a good deal.
  • The Surface Pro 7 is currently listed at $745, which isn't a terrible price but is not the lowest we've ever seen.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is less than a week away. On June 21 and 22, Amazon will discount thousands of items, ranging from electronics to just about anything else. It's usually one of the best times of the year to pick up many devices, but it's important to keep an eye out for "sales" on devices that actually list a price that's the same, or even more, than normal.

Right now, there's a "deal" on the Surface Pro 7 that "saves" you $122. The listing is for a Surface Pro 7 with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. If you search that listing on CamelCamel, which you can do easily with the Camelizer extension, you'll see that the current price is higher than it was earlier this year.

Source: CamelCamel (Image credit: Source: CamelCamel)

A completely separate listing for the Surface Pro 7, which is also for the model with an Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage, has the device at $745. That may seem like a good deal, but again using CamelCamel, you'll see that the price now is higher than it was just a few weeks ago.

Source: CamelCamel (Image credit: Source: CamelCamel)

There are better deals available, but even these aren't the lowest price we've ever seen. Walmart and Amazon have bundles for a Surface Pro 7 with an Intel Core i5 and 8GB of RAM that come with a Black Type Cover. Those bundles only cost $800, making them a much better option since the Type Cover is one of the best Surface Pro accessories.

While Walmart and Amazon's current deals are better than some other options, the same bundles were on sale for $698 only a few months ago. Of course, there's a chance that the bundles could drop down for Prime Day next week.

Shopping online can be difficult because listings can make it seem like you're getting a great deal when you actually aren't. Many shoppers aren't going to check prices across multiple websites, use price tracking tools, and compare different listings for the same item on the same website.

During Prime Day and leading up to it, our team of deal experts will do this for you, helping you find the best deal on the Surface Pro 7 and a wide range of other devices. Make sure to keep an eye on our piece tracking the best Prime Day laptop deals.

For now, the best deal we could find on the Surface Pro 7 is the bundle with a Type Cover linked below, though it's probably worth waiting a week to see if it drops down to under $700.

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