Windows Phone Weekly Digest: May 9, 2015

There's a lot going on in the world of Windows Phone. So much, in fact, that it is sometimes tough to catch every important story. Device rumors come and go. New apps join the Windows Phone Store and your favorite app can get a big update with a new look or new features. Therefore, every week we will compile a list of the Windows Phone news that you just shouldn't miss.

Welcome to the "Windows Phone Weekly Digest."

Verizon's LG Lancet

Windows Phone

One of the most exciting things to come out of Build 2015 was the announcement of Continuum for Windows 10 Phones. The feature that will allow you to connect your phone to an external display and use full desktop versions of your favorite apps.

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, we found out this week that we are going to have to wait for the generation of Windows phones to come out. That's because Continuum will require new Qualcomm hardware in order to work.

That may be a ways off, but we could be closer to some new Windows 10 for phones features that got leaked this week. It looks like some folks in China got a hold of Build 10072, which apparently has a transparency slider for Start screen tiles. The build also includes the option to download preview versions of the Office 2016 universal apps.

Microsoft's new Windows 10 for phone help page not only confirmed the transparency slider, but also gave us a heads up that the next build will include Reading mode in its {Edge browser](/Microsoft-edge).

As for hardware, Verizon's Lumia 735, complete with Microsoft branding, [showed up at the FCC]

Windows Central gave you a look at Verizon's upcoming (and unannounced) LG Lancet Windows phone with Update 2. The Lancet's specs indicate it will likely be a Lumia 640 competitor.

And Indian import/export company Zauba listed an unannounced 4.7-inch entry-level Windows phone, dubbed the RM-1127, on their website.: This is the Verizon LG Lancet Windows Phone with Update 2

We also showed you the new BLU Win HD LTE (Yellow up close and took a quick video tour of Lumia Camera 5.0 and the Lumia 640 XL.

Other notable items:

Lumia Camera Beta got released for some Lumia phones


In app news, beer lovers got treated to a new version of Untappd, which received a major makeover.

MLB At Bat returned to the Windows Phone Store with everything you need for the 2015 season.

Microsoft released Lumia Camera Beta for some Lumia Windows Phones and we gave you a rundown of what's new in it.

Users were given an outlet for their feedback on the new version of the official UserVoice page.

You got a first look at the new Marriott Hotels app for Windows Phone

Another official app, Expedia, made its triumphant return to the Windows Phone Store as a native app.

A crowd favorite, WhatsApp picked up MP3 sending and read receipts in its latest private beta build.

And Snapchat challenger Cyber Dust showed some love for Windows Phone with new improvements.

Other notable items:

  • Tweetium pushing out an update to fix Twitter image upload issues
  • Windows 10 OneDrive universal app coming in Q4 2015, according to new roadmap
  • Metrotube gets updated to squash some annoying bugs
  • Facebook for Windows Phone scores a minor bug-fixing update
  • Truecaller picks up an update, improves spam protection and search
  • myTube! picks up an update with improved startup times for low-end hardware
  • Microsoft kills App Social, updates the app with a redirect to the main app store
  • Swarm for Windows Phone 2.0 adds messaging and tons of stickers in latest update

Bounce for Band uses your Microsoft Band as the controller


Angry Birds Space picked up 30 new levels with its latest Windows Phone update.

After being pulled back in March, Tap Titans fought its way back into the Windows Store. Unfortunately for some fans of the game, the new version is no longer compatible with 512MB memory phones.

JoyBits put out another game in its family of "Doodle" titles. This latest game, Doodle Tanks,was released on Windows Phone and Windows 8 at the same time as its iOS counterpart.

The blockbuster game Threes! was updated on Windows Phone, bringing with it Live Tile support and bug fixes.

And lastly, we witnessed some real innovation with Bounce for Band, a new game that uses your Microsoft Band as the controller.

Other notable items:

Be sure to weigh in on this week's news in the comments section. See you next week!

Seth Brodeur
  • And Audible got pulled from the WP store...
  • It's still there for me. Maybe just you.  
  • No, it didn't.
  • Yea, but they did say they are coming back for WP10
  • Windows 8. The WP app is just fine.
  • They just updated lol
  • Sorry, I meant withdrawn from RT, my bad :(
  • I can hardly wait for a more stable build to release. Wow and I came in third this time. Haha who will be fourth
  • Win central should make a category of windows phone in browse section
  • Under Headlines:Latest Stories:Phones there on the main page just above the image for the newest article.
  • I'm asking for app
  • Yeah... I don't want to know about Xbox specially , as I don't own it. It will be enough for me to get news articles about phones only... Hope they update their app to see more category filters
  • In that case, no. If they add all links and shortcuts you may as well use the browser.
  • The website is an absolute abortion to use since the redesign. Whoever signed off those enormous graphics needs stringing up. The app is still the quickest and cleanest way to view WC stuff.
  • It's apparently coming. Although Jay has been quiet on it of late.
  • +1
  • That girl is famous xD
  • Now we have evidence that Microsoft is allegedly developing two new Lumia flagship devices - a 5.2-inch device and 5.7-inch device. Should Lumia 1520 users be patient and anticipate a followup 1530 or 1540 flagship in 2016? I just wish Microsoft believed in transparency and would publish a roadmap of flagship devices for 2015 & 2016, so Lumia users can make an informed decision on what device to purchase or wait for.
  • That's not "transparency", that's marketing suicide.  Do you think, for example, that people would continue to buy the iPhone6 if they knew that the iPhone7 was just around the corner? 
  • I'm referring to specific previous Lumia flagship devices for which many users reasonably expect followup devices, like the Lumia 1020 & 1520. These are highly revered flagship devices, and for Microsoft to fail to give any assurance that followup flagships are coming is, in my opinion, bad business decision making.
  • They already switched 1320 with the 640XL and the new 5.2 and 5.7" flagships will most likely be 940 and 940XL, which will replace 930 and 1520.
    The 735 was only now released for Verizon so it'll have to wait for 2016 along with Lumia 1020
  • I read an article about the Walkman & Talkman Microsoft high end phones being developed, phablet and a 5" with 3gb ram, any news on these?
  • Yes.
  • It's Cityman and Talkman - names are references to the first Nokia phones.
  • Really not liking that thinner space between Live Tiles. Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft just feels the need to change things just for the sake of changing them. Don't fix what ain't broken, for doing so risks breaking it.
  • Better we get tile spacing slider just like tile transparency slider
  • Hopefully.
  • +1. Don't really see the need to change the spacing between tiles.
    If the 4 column tile was the new deal, then the tile spacing should change in the 4 column view
  • I really like It tbh, especially with "tileground" look, not sure about full screen background tho.
  • I'm switching to android if space between tiles is .001 instead of .002
  • I'll switch to a flip phone before I ever switch to iOS or Android.
  • Merging social networks with default phone settings always a best idea, hope that Microsoft will keep it up like 8.0 (messaging sync with fb messager) and people hub news sync with FB.
  • One thing that must to complain seriously is the photo after captured by using Lumia camera 5.0 cannot be share to whatsapp, line..etc. If not mistaken it can be share on Nokia camera.
  • Is that it?
  • When is the update coming?!
  • These dialogue boxes and thin line symbols in the ui look so ugly! Windows phone ui needs a fix!!!!
  • Those Thin lines are beautiful not ugly. Its my view.
  • Sunday is boring. Bcoz windows central isn't,active. Can understand Daniel and team needs a holiday.
  • Hl
  • Don't u guys think that while adding new features n UI changes, Microsoft is actually ruining the core experience. New users won't understand this and may appreciate what Microsoft is doing. But personally, I wont. Adding new features to OS is good but why sacrificing core experience for it. Msft added various new things in wp8.1 while removed the most imp and the most beautiful things from the OS..
    Msft separated hubs which were truly awesome n a Lott better than any other platform offering.
    Msft ruined music experience. Until wp8, I never looked for a music player on store. But now, I daily check for d store wishing there ll be some 1 perfect app which can smoothly play my local music files. Microsoft pushing their customers to use their services, but here in India msft dnt have their Xbox music services, den y we should sacrifice our smoothness for something we dnt want. Now coming to win10. Yehh msft promised that all devices ll be updated. But under what cost?? Just like we sacrifices performance after updating to 8.1 from 8, here the case will be more worse. I own a Lumia 720( which is nowadays a lowest end phone on paper). all of us knw about what ll be d performance of such phones after updating :p . Msft should understand not everyone in the world owns Lumia 930 or 1520. Moreover not everyone in d world fkin lives in US. Dey r targeting most thing to us. Whereas India has more market %. My personal verdict is, m gonna just update my phone to wp8.1 gdr2 and that's it. M not gonna jump on 10.
  • New users of windows phone, : If u really want to understand what m saying, take a wp7.8 phone n look at the Zune player. :p then take ur own so called updated wp8.1 and start Xbox music app.
  • Am sooooo tired of Windows phone Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hmm.. I can see that :P
    "Posted via the Windows Central App for Android"
  • I have a 920 to play around with, I'm skeptical of loading windows 10 onto it... in fears that my whatsapp app won't function anymore... can i please get anyone to confirm i will still be able to use it?
  • WhatsApp is working fine on my 920!
  • Thanks Daniel!