WMExperts Podcast Episode 93

Malatesta finally chimes in on Windows Phone 7 Series. Plus, Phil's at CTIA, and the Best. Voicemail. Ever.

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  • Welcome back Mal. Good to hear from you again! BTW, HVGA is perfect for a front-facing QWERTY device. The BB Bold 9000 has a HVGA screen and I think we can all agree that screen is awesome. I would really like to see Chassis 2 .... a front-facing QWERTY device with a HVGA capacitive touchscreen. As for the Pre... yes it can multi-task and yes cards is pretty. It also has a battery life measured in minutes. :)
  • Hi Mal and Phil -
    I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but look forward to hearing Mal's thoughts on Windows Phones 7 Series. Even thought I'm not on T-Mobile, I'm still kind of excited that the HD2 is coming soon. Have a good week guys!
  • Thanks for the pod cast. I also enjoyed the crackberry pod cast but since i moved over from a BB 9550 to the Droid, i have been enjoying the pod casts. keep up the good work.
  • Oh my god at 51 minutes in, that dude complaining is out of control! I tuned him out after a while. Sure he is upset for a good reason but god complaining to you guys won't change the minds of MS.
  • I was surprised Mal and Phil played the entire rant. It was pretty awesome, and provided some perspective for me about the professional set that uses Windows Mobile. Here in NYC, business-types generally use Blackberries.
  • Thanks for sharing this interesting post of so much ranting! This doesn't help anyone. George acai berry product