Whenever there's a big sales event, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can always count on there being some kind of deal on Xbox digital subscriptions. And for UK gamers, Amazon hasn't disappointed, dropping the first scorcher of the week with a whopping £17 off a three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This is even cheaper than the first price drop yesterday!

No brainer

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

£15.99 £33 £17 off

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the best value in gaming, combining Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass for console and Xbox Game Pass for PC into one, easy to manage package.

Normally you'll pay £10.99 per month for Game Pass Ultimate, and with this discount, you can essentially buy two codes and get six months for slightly less than the usual price of three. Not too shabby at all. The codes stack as well, so you can grab as many as your budget allows and set yourself up for a long time to come!

Game Pass Ultimate is incredible value, particularly if you're a console and PC player. Not only do you get access to the console library of Game Pass titles, but its equivalent on the PC as well as an included subscription to Xbox Live Gold. The sum of the parts is far more than you're paying for this one bundled price, which makes hot deals like this even better.

And as an added bonus, if you're not yet subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft's own offer will let you get your first three months for just £1. And all subscribers, new and old, get added treats of one month of EA Access, three months of Discord Nitro and six months of Spotify Premium this holiday.

That's a ridiculous amount of value and these deals won't be around for long, so make the most of them while you can.

Get in for less

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

£1 for three months (new subscribers only)

If you haven't yet signed up to Game Pass Ultimate your first three months will only cost one whole pound, and with that you now also get added bonuses from Discord, EA Access and Spotify

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