Deal Alert: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 available at Best Buy for just $84.99

Lumia 521

The Nokia Lumia 521 on T-Mobile (or the Lumia 520 to the rest of us) is a delightful Windows Phone, which is also the most affordable Nokia smartphone running Microsoft's OS. We've covered in the past how this Windows Phone 8 device is a bargain to grab, but Best Buy has gone one step further by throwing the handset on sale.

So how much will you be looking to spend on the Lumia 521 from the retailer? Just $84.99, and you'll receive a brand new windows Phone with a superb experience. Of course, there are some features absent from the specification list, but for the price you'll not be disappointed. What's more is the Lumia 521 supports 4G connectivity.

Source: Best Buy; thanks, blackhawk7188, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 available at Best Buy for just $84.99


Its still 79.99 on hsn. Got it there. I love this device. Small and powerful. Battery is superb

The more mainstream the WP start screen gets, and people really begin to recognize the live tiles, the better it will be for WP.. And, no other way is better than people seeing WP in the hands of others, on a consistent basis.

Its perfect for anyone who wants the best bang for your buck. My wife loves the one I got her for $80 from HSN.

It really is amazing how inexpensive this phone is. I don't want it, but am impressed that Nokia pulled it off.

I have this device and its the shit but, lately I've been noticing that it'll become unresponsive kind of often. (would be REALLY rare before amber). Any one else having this?

Like my SD card? I haven't actually. But I did find a possible culprit. I had the Engadget app running in the background so I disabled that and hope that it was the problem

Lumia 520 and 521 are the best selling no-contract phones on Amazon.
Lumia 521 is the best selling no-contract phone on bestbuy. Lumia 520 also on the list.
Lumia 521 is the best selling no-contract phone on Walmart. Lumia 520 also on the list.
Lumia 521 is one of the best selling phone on HSN.
I am expecting a million sales in US for Q3.

I was just at a Best Buy yesterday and there wasn't a single Windows Phone in the entire place. Only 35 different Android phones, all with the exact same screen shot on their displays.

I keep having to fight temptation to buy this phone. I got a Lumia 810 last November and then a Rogers Lumia 920 in May, but I wouldn't mind grabbing this baby as well. Actually, I would consider giving it to my mother although she has a 620. She might prefer the slightly bigger screen on the 521.

I know. My best friend has one of these. She was really disappointed with the lack of an equalizer in particular. This phone would be great for my mother, though, since she doesn't even use an SD card or deal with music.

<p>There&#39;s a 40 day waiting period and a $50.01 total account balance needed for prepaid customers to unlock this phone. If you use it on a regular plan, it just needs to have service for 40 days.</p>

Can you just use this phone like an iPod touch or do you have to register it with a carrier to get it to function?

Of course you can use it like an iPod touch. I can recall several people on the forum saying they're doing that with their 521s.

The superior Pandora app for windows phone actually makes it a better media player than an iPod touch. At least for me and my wife it does :)

I have one of these phones (the 521) and it's not connected to any plan at all (I'm still waiting for my Verizon contract on another phone to expire).  It has the T-Mobile SIM in it.  Works great as an offline GPS.  And I can use it on WiFi.  Really really great phone!  I put in a microSD card as well.
though they really need to update Windows Phone to support app installation to the storage card!  8 GB is way too small!  It uses 2 GB for the OS.  Then another 1GB or so for "Other" which is like some kind of temporary swap file that all your apps use to do things.  If you fill up the phone's storage and the "Other" grows so big, you have to start clearing space and it's hard to clear space without deleting apps.  Even though I have the phone set to store photos and stuff to the storage card only, it has to first transition through this "Other" before it gets to the storage card.  So my phone storage was maxed out.  I loaded up the photo app to take a pic.  It refused to save the picture to the storage card because it said my memory was full and that's because my phone was full (my storage card had 8 GB free).
Deleting an app will not only free up that space, but it will free up the space in "Other" that was being used by that app.
Besides the lack of phone storage, I love this phone!  It's totally changed the way I view spending for smartphones.  But fix that memory situation, Microsoft!

As far as I know the 521 is THE windows phone to use for WIFI calling on T-Mobile.  It is available on the 925 but the forums suggest it doesn't work properly along with messaging.  I have had no problems getting the 521 to work on my T-Mobile line and purely as a phone it is the best windows phone option for me on that network.  No one on T-Mobile should think twice about picking this up if they want to give windows phone a try.

WiFi calling works just fine with SMS messaging, but MMS does not. So, ordinary text messages work, but photos and group text do not. If you search the web you will find that this limitation is *not* unique to TMobile, Nokia, or Windows Phone.

All you have to do is read the thread about the latest 925 firmware update to see that the reported issues with wifi and texting go beyond mms limitations.  In any event the reports of issues seem far more limited for the 521 and it is, for now, the safest bet for wifi calling users.   Hopefully the update will change that but it is too early to tell right now.  The 521 delivers the windows phone experience at a bargain price and forces higher end models to justify the price with worthwhile added value.  None of thewindows phone basics are really missing on the 521 and it is smaller and lighter for those who value that feature.

I would also like to know whether this would work in European countries with European bands (2100Mhz UMTS for most countries I think)

The race to the bottom has been great for windows phone. Successor To 521 needs to be worked on as much as a flagship. Its become that important

Good to see the lower prices.
Fry's Electronic had a deal for $79 last week for their email subscribers. It involved an instant $40 off an in-store price of $119.
I went to pick one up for a gift on the last day of the deal and they had prematurely (I'm assuming) dropped the regular price to $99 so I only paid $59 for the phone. If the deal allowed you to buy more than one, I would have cleaned them out! LoL