Deal Alert: Verizon HTC One M8 for Windows just $49.99, with contract, on Amazon

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Verizon Wireless officially announced the HTC One M8 for Windows last week with a special two-year contract promotional price of $99.99 but now Amazon has listed the same phone for just $49.99, again with a two year contract to Verizon.

If you don't mind sticking with Verizon for the next two years, then being able to cut the upfront price on the newest Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone in half is a very good deal indeed. Just a reminder: This price is tied into Verizon's individual or family contract plans. If you want to buy the phone without a contract, Amazon has priced the HTC One M8 for Windows at $599.99.

What do you think of this 50 percent reduction in the upfront cost of the Verizon HTC One M8 for Windows, with a contract, via Amazon?

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Deal Alert: Verizon HTC One M8 for Windows just $49.99, with contract, on Amazon


Black Friday in August. Woooot. This is how you know that this M8 is an experimental device for HTC and Microsoft. Despite attempting to tempt customer / rack up sales/ contract renewals, I think it's a bad move (not bold) from HTC. I'm sure someone will get bruised financially (amazon or htc) with this early discount. I knew my hd7 was my last htc phone. Oh well, still a nice try for htc after a long hiatus from wp platform. Now They need to dedicate more resources to help the platform besides Nokia (MS), and half-cast Sammycopy. They could also throw in the One Mini as well..perhaps on Tmo and Verizon to spread the love. Cut the exclusivity bs crap already. If HTC is going to fire, you might as well fire from all angles as opposed to 1-direction.


I still want either L930 or 1520.3 depending if i can fit the 6" in my pocket and price..

I love my 1529 and usually it fits fine for me too. Although at times when wearing cargo shorts I'll put it in the side pocket rather than hip pocket.

Or they have no shapely derrier. I (male) have a 1520 and while the phone technically "fits" in my back pocket it doesn't do so comfortably.  How could a 6" phablet be comfortable there, its like having a booklet.  It sticks out about 0.5" to an 1" and prevents you from sitting in any manner but awkwardly.  It isn't safe there if you have any sort of shape to your butt or are heavy.

Why wouldn't you recommend that he go for the larger screw first then go down from there? That's the most logical way to decide.. How is it not?

How were you able to figure all that out from a sale from just one merchant? Sales like this happen all the time regardless of phone.

The 1520 fits perfectly.. If you don't at least try it out, and assume that its too big, then you'd be doing yourself a huge injustice..
And, that goes for everyone❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

Fit perfectly... for you. I tried it for almost two weeks and guess what? For me is too big: a phone is something that I can be able to handle, if I want to do so, with one hand and I cannot do it with the 1520. Although aging my 920 is still an excellent device. I do not like, personal opinion of course but I am the one opening the wallet, the mix of polycarbonate and metal of the 930 and its lack of SD card and Glance; the M8 is something I will consider when a Global version with no carriers involvement will be available. Hopefully by that time McLaren could resuscitate and or an Intel based one will be on the horizon.

Like I said.. If you try it, and its too big then fine.... But, my problem is with people who just assume it's too big... Now, if you have small hands then I can't argue with that...

Sucks for everybody who bought it last week when it came out..

Of course it does say ship time is 2-3 WEEKS!

I'll play devils advocate here and say that since you're probably going to spend $1000 over the course of this phone, $50 isn't that much.

Cool... When is this beast heading to AT&T??? Looking forward to this year's WP offerings as my current contract with AT&T is nearly up and upgrade time is here!! Woohoo!!

I'm with Verizon and would consider this unless something else comes out by November, end of my contract. I know that not everyone who buys a phone reviews it, but right now, this has no reviews at all on their site. I'm curious as to how many have actually sold? And if it's really a low amount , will AT&T still carry it? Just curious. Lumia 928 user!

Not a deal if you pay $600 either. Why pay 600 for something you will only use for a year or so? Unless I suppose you're well-healed and have plenty of money to piss away..

Nexus's are sold unlocked for half the price of a similarly spec'd high end phone. When high end Lumia's are released, they're expensive.

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Fyi if you go to the Microsoft store and either work for a school or have a child in school you can get the M8 for $549.

I don't know if Verizon is the same way, but on AT&T you get a substantial discount to not be on a contract phone, so there's no more not to just buy phones full price at the rate you want to upgrade. The only way contract phones can save you money is if you use the contract to force you to upgrade less often.

On Verizon?  The same Verizon who has not provided their Windows Phone Customers the 8.1 Cyan update yet?  The same Verizon who would not update the HTC 8X device drivers so that they could get 8.1 Cyan once it's released?  Stick with a Windows Phone, but...  Pick a different carrier. 


Amazon has an additional early termination fee if you cancel within 90 days or something like that. Just FYI.

So I stop at my local corporate Verizon store today to check out the new HTC, Yes how you guess sales lady said HTC doesn't have a windows phone, I said the new M8 just came out last Wednesday! O let me check, so to the front counter we go I'm down the other end she said to another sales associate do we have any of those HTC m8 Windows phone that came out? Were they released yet, she said I think, he know one buy's those phone's anyway, she said this customer standing here wants to see one. We didn't put any on display, I said no shit Dick Tracy you think I waiting for hamburger. I told him to cancel my happy meal and left. Verizon you really need to train your sales associates for Windows phone to succeed.

And by the way I did go another corporate store walk in said I didn't need any assistance, only wanted to see the HTC m8 display he said it's right over on that display and they are nice phone's but I don't know if I could do with out wireless charging.

Really wish my upgrade was available to nab this phone, but I'll just be patient as always cherishing my remaining time with my Nokia Lumia 822, just might peek at the sexy metal body once in a while.

I wonder if the workaround of amazon/best buy upgrades still lets you keep your unlimited data, or if vzw has implemented that "fix" yet

Just bought the HTC One M8 for Windows through Amazon last night... with two day shipping, the expected delivery date is 09/12-09/17?!?!?

I really didn't need a different phone. My Galaxy S4 does everything I need it to, so locking myself into another 2 years with Big Red for another Android phone wasn't worth it. Have been curious about Windows Phone for quite a while. Figured I'm already heavily vested in Windows at work, at home, at school... might as well check it out on a mobile platform as well.

I can attest that Big Red has little to no support for WP, which is my biggest concern. I went to two Verizon stores this past weekend and had two mixed experiences. At the first VZW corporate store, the rep was blatently uninterested in Windows Phone. That immediately p*ssed me off and I left. Decided to try the Microsoft Store in Scottsdale, AZ. The rep there seemed okay, but he obviously didn't know the products that well. I had just about given up on VZW AND WP, but stopped in a second Verizon corporate store, got a rep that had actually owned a Windows Phone, bought a Samsung Ativ SE but never left the store with it because we couldn't get the Windows Phone to recognize my Microsoft email/password. Returned it on the spot. Turns out it's a WP8 issue and WP8.1 fixed the problem with 2-step verifications.

Still, my curiousity got the better of me and I took the plunge and bought the HTC One M8 for Windows when I found it for half the price on Amazon. Wish me luck!

Very nice deals of Verizon HTC One M8 for Windows just $49.99, with contract, on Amazon.We provide godaddy coupons & hostgator promo codes .My Galaxy S4 does everything I need it to, so locking myself into another 1 years with Big Red for another Android phone wasn't worth its good.