This gaming chair is the 'pinnacle of perfection,' and 'perfectly priced,' but AndaSeat slashed $110 off anyway

Whether you game at your desk, get work done while seated, or both, you deserve a good gaming chair. AndaSeat has plenty to choose from, and none is better than the AndaSeat Kaiser 4. The chair earned a perfect score in our recent review and is currently on sale for $539. That's $110 off its normal retail price, thanks to AndaSeat's mid-year sale.

AndaSeat Kaiser 4 | $649now $539 at AndaSeat

AndaSeat Kaiser 4 | was $649 now $539 at AndaSeat

Comfy, adjustable, and on sale, this gaming chair provides the best throne AndaSeat has to offer. The Kaiser 4 is available in either Premium PVC Leather or Linen, both of which are discounted right now. The chair includes adjustable lumbar support and 5D armrests to get the perfect fit.

This particular model is the XL version of the chair, supporting up to 395 lbs.

AndaSeat Kaiser 4 review highlights

The AndaSeat Kaiser 4 has adjustable 5D armrests and built-in lumbar support. (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)

Our Rebecca Spear just reviewed the AndaSeat Kaiser 4. The chair earned a perfect 5/5 score for its durable materials, adjustable lumbar support, and 5D armrests. The chair's 395 lbs weight capacity and included tools also earned high marks.

The knocks on the Kaiser 4 are its price and the fact that its knobs aren't labeled clearly. The chair retails for $649.99, but at the moment you can grab it for $539. That's still a premium price, but the AndaSeat Kaiser 4 is a premium chair. The Kaiser 4 easily competes with the best gaming chairs on the market, especially when at a discount.

The Kaiser 4's customization options, both cosmetic and functional received high marks from Spear:

"This is one of the most customizable gaming chairs and office chairs on the market right now. Alter the internal lumbar support using the side knobs or pop out the backing to just the right position to match your body shape. It comes in several different colors and is made of either fabric or a faux leather material."

Spear reviews gaming chairs frequently, including several models from AndaSeat. She has a solid track record with the chairs when it comes to durability.

"I've never seen this kind of degradation in an AndaSeat gaming chair," said Spear when comparing AndaSeat's chairs to those from a different brand. "For instance, the Kaiser 3 I've been using (up until receiving the Kaiser 4) still looks brand new despite having been sat on for an average of over 50 hours every week for two years. The Kaiser 4 has the same reliable build with a steel framework and an aluminum five-star wheelbase that's covered in high-density foam, and you can choose either soft PVC leather or linen fabric."

The Kaiser 4 has adjustable lumbar support to help you sit with proper posture. "I'll be honest: I wasn't expecting to like this pop-out function all that much as it seemed like a superfluous addition, but I was wrong," said Spear of the feature.

"This pop-out back padding helps me sit up straighter and provides the perfect amount of additional support that my body needs. It's extremely comfortable and makes it so I don't have to deal with a shifting back pillow, like is often the case with many other gaming chairs out there."

Overall, the AndaSeat Kaiser 4 is an impressive chair. While it has a premium price, it's more affordable thanks to a $110 discount.

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